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  1. Wanted to point out that my profile picture was taken at quail lake on the closest pier to the dam. One of the first carp I ever caught. He gave me the "bug". I actually caught him on crawfish tail accidentally.
  2. Haven't posted on here in a long time.. Just thought I should let y'all know this is a nice place to fish. I've caught several 20+lb fish here. I use my own personal strawberry dough bait and it works great. I also use a crawfish flavored dough bait that works well too. I would recommend Willow Springs Ponds down in the fountain/widefield area if you really want to catch the monsters. I've caught a 33lb grasser and a 28 lb common there. More specifically on the larger lake, farthest side from where you park.
  3. I'm in the Colorado springs area. What part of CO are you in?
  4. Definitely a Bullhead. They are the "trash" fish of the catfish world. Hate those guys.
  5. They fought quite a bit differently. They nibble real gently at the bait so it's hard to tell when your getting a hit. I hooked 3 before I finally landed one. The way their mouth is shaped it seems like its real easy for them to spit the hook. Mine fought hard after the take, then nothing till it got to shore, then it fought hard again. I used a strawberry doughbait that had hits all day on. Recipe is easy: boil 1 litre water add 2 tablespoons sugar, tablespoon vanilla, 1 packet strawberry jello, mix in 2 cups corn meal one cup flour. after thats all said and done I take a lump of that
  6. Hit a pond today I haven't fished. Had funny takes all morning but kept missing them. Finnally I landed a fish, and it was a grasser! Makes sense now why I was having a hard time hooking up. Weighed 14 pounds.
  7. My goodness. I would never carp fish again if I had access to fish like that!
  8. Rofl. That would be insane!
  9. Been getting skunked lately and decided to go to one of my "feel good" swims, where the fish are small but you always get a bunch. I tied on two hooks to a 3 way swivel just to try it out. I plastered some strawberry doughbait on them and started the wait. About 30 minutes later I had a monster hit(or so I thought). This guy was fighting like I've never felt a carp fight before and it felt HEAVY. I get it to shore and instead of a new PB in the 20's... I get 2 medium sized fish, one on each hook. One weighed 11lb 4oz, the other 12lb 2oz, combined for 23lb 6oz(would have easily beaten my
  10. Awesome looking fish! Congrats
  11. A guy at my local tackle shop showed me his old Fly rod he said he got as a kid over 50 years ago. Said he never used it. It is a True Temper 7' 6 piece pole With a Garcia Kingfisher gk-42 reel. Any info/experience with such a setup would be appreciated.
  12. You have way too much free time on your hands!
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