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  1. p.s. thats some great fishing,sorry you've lost some really big fish lately..
  2. brian; well then you'll have to fish when some of us other carpers are going,i may be able to get in 1 or 2 sessions in november,not sure of my work routine,plus i may just have to take a day..
  3. great session brian,wish i could've been there too,some hot angling for sure.
  4. wanna see some pic's of the hogs!!(lol) tell linda to be carful them carp ain't worth getting all banged up..
  5. ANDY; it was a pleasure having you as president and you did a fantastic job,and BOB welcome aboard the top job,i look forward to your up coming success.
  6. two brothers- two awesome fishermen!! a clinic for SURE..
  7. this years(2014) was a great success,thanks to brandan ,(thanks for picking up this event) the weather was'nt the greatest but thats something no one can control,brandan you did a great job(thanks) can't wait until next yr.
  8. brian; we'll help ya out.i got extra's. bill
  9. my goal this yr is to actually post ,last yr did'nt even post.
  10. austin & brendan; i would exspect no less from you both,absolute beauties. (VERY) well done!!
  11. it says i'm registered but not approved? i have res. almost a week and cannot do the test?
  12. sweet,i had a B.P. last yr of 30.8lb ,it's a awesome feeling.
  13. looking at your biceps i'd say those fish did'nt stand a chance.
  14. roy; good to know you'll be there brother in-law looking forward to seeing you again. bill
  15. carpcatcher

    New Carper Here

    don; welcome to michigan carping,too bad you did'nt post a few days ago,we had a raffle/discussion today at the presidents house (andy sprinkle) you may want to contact him about going to the 1st fish tourney which involves 4 states ,mich,ill,ind,ohio there will be 20 in each state,we are still a few shy.bill wazelle
  16. had a great time,won some great items in the raffle,good friends & good food,THANKS andy had a blast!! p.s. can't wait to get on the water,
  17. great job by father & son team,now you guy's are two timers(lol)
  19. i just ordered some boilies from p&s tackle,based in pittsburg,pa the product was matze koch in germany.but i too was looking through the c.a.g vendors and there really is'nt alot of bait,also having bought a used fox reel,which has a minor part broken,living in the U.S. i am unable to purchase the repair part even though i can access the site and reveiw the part number ect.?us carpers in the U.S.A. need some consideration..
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