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  1. Well, I've 'Set the hook', with my 6 weight Fly Rod, on a dozen the past couple weeks and have yet to see one jump......
  2. OK, they're getting bigger......But this one gave me 1 twitch of the head and came into the landing net like a wet dishtowel..... Impressive in size though....In the 30 pound Range! ....Got him a size #6 Corn Fly on my 6 weight Fly Rod.
  3. Hey!.....That's a Monster !!....Congratulations on a Great Fish.....I have not seen one jump yet....Still working on it!
  4. I caught a few more today and they were a quite a bit stronger than the others......They had some life in them....But, in the end no where near a Common......Here is a picture of one.....They seemed close to 20 pounds.
  5. That has been my experience as well. - Your statement and the 50 pound grass carp video have confirmed my findings. Thank you.
  6. I fish Lake Michigan on the Wisconsin Side......Mostly in the Door Penisula..... Finding the fish is always the problem
  7. Yes, this is how the grass carp that I caught fought.......A 50 pound Common Carp would have torn up the lake!......I don't think that grass carp made a run over 10 feet! ......I want to see a football field between me and the fish......A hard fighting 50 pound fish should take at least 10 minutes to land, rather than 2 minutes........I can whip a 50lb Tarpon in under 15 mintues on a fly rod......
  8. All of the Grass Carp that I caught this week were in the 10 to 15 lb. range.......Maybe there is a different species of Grass Carp here in Florida than the ones you guys are catching. My Bonefish/Permit Guide in Miami reports the same Sluggish behavior of the Grass Carp he catches in Miami Lakes and Canals. The bottom fish is a Common Carp I caught in a Minnesota Lake.....These Commons are stronger than Redfish and when using a Fly Rod they will take the whole Fly Line and another 100 yards of Backing on ther blistering runs. The below fish weighed 26 pounds. I catch them up to 42 lbs. in Lake Michigan.
  9. Have you ever caught a Common Carp?.......Absolutely no comparison........ I have caught a half dozen Grass Carp this week and they all have been 'Half Dead'...
  10. I have Fly fished for the Common Carp for over 10 years now. I prefer the flats of Lake Michigan where the fish can take out 150 yards of backing. I have been catching my first Grass Carp this week in Florida and must say that a Wet Tenns Shoe would put up a better fight. Although these Grass Carp are much harder to catch than the Common Carp, that is the only praise that I can give them. They are spooky, but once hooked they are weaker than Walleyes......And I didn't think that was possible. While the common Carp is clearly the Strongest fish in Freshwater in North America, the Grass Carp is one of the wimpiest fish I have ever caught. I will not target the grass carp any more.....
  11. Just submitted my story and Pic to you! -- Let me know what you think.
  12. First post here. I am a Fly Fisherman that loves to fish Carp with a Fly Rod! I am spending January and February of 2011 on Amelia Island Florida, Right on the Georgia Border. I was disappointed not to find any Common Carp here in Florida less than a few hours away. I was wondering if there are any Carp in the South East area of Georgia?
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