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  1. Cookie Monsta!!

  2. I'm bound to have a pin by the end of this year
  3. I heard you guys got some nice sized ones at Erie
  4. It was fun, i think we caught 3-4 mirrors and about 15-20 other fish. Austin ended up winning the pin and side pot.
  5. How long did those take and on what?
  6. Was all that off the covered bridge?
  7. agk226

    Detroit River Carp!

    Camp Dearborn will be really fun but it will be sad missing out on another fish in
  8. Well of course, after all you do need that if your going after the smaller fish
  9. I will be there but "Tootsie" can be the netter
  10. Then your guess is correct but we don't need to guess who will emerge a champ
  11. You guys are smack talking each other but we all know I trump all but mark and dave
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