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  1. Hey guys decided to make this thread a little sum up of fish I've caught this year, haven't been on a while due to school, and need to renew my membership when i get the chance but anyways heres some fish I've caught this summer and spring
  2. Yea those are definitely a different strain as they seem to also be lighter in color, they're like perfect circle! maybe got tossed in there, the mirror may be a funny strain too, but I'm not sure
  3. Very cool looking commons and that mirrors sweet!
  4. Awesome fish are comming out of that river!
  5. Awesome looking fish and I'm glad he released it! Sounded like his first mirror too!
  6. haha! It's tough reeling two carp rods at the same time!
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. haha yep its me! Looks like your year is going good as well!
  9. Good luck! I'm sure you'll get em!
  10. Got out to my favorite river spot and in the evening landed a few low teen fish, but as soon at it reached night the big ones started hitting and I landed a new PB of 22.15 pounds! also broke off on two fish using 15 fluoro as a main line My dads carp PB 22.15 another photo i was still in awe!
  11. Thanks everyone, I'll be targeting bigger ones soon enough!
  12. Yeah I love em, but they do dirty up water fast. Our pond will be finished hopefully this year and they won't be to much of a hassle, I wanted to get some small mirrors but no clue where to get them around here!
  13. Faught really funny actually, at first it wouldn't break off bottom then after I got it lifted to the surface it would come straight at me then shoot itself out to the middle of the pond and sink to the bottom over and over, never gave up! A very strong fish, all muscle
  14. Caught my first grasser in a small pond(1/4 an acre) on floating bread!
  15. haha! Its to bad you didn't get the koi, but hey still a nice common!
  16. only 5 koi in there biggest being around 10 inches i think, a lot of water changing takes place though!
  17. I check amonia every week, and we are also digging a pond. Not sure exactly about the specific filter but ik it pumps the whole tank once an hour, water is usually clear and ph levels are a constant 7.1 I believe
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