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  1. Beautiful fish, Joey!
  2. Although not that active here these days, I still enjoy your posts Cap! Thanks sir!
  3. Your dad looks younger than you do. Still, regardless of the fact you look old, the fish is spectacular. I am very happy you managed to make those memories with your dad. Bravo on that, and, for kicks, the fish as well!!!
  4. Tony Davies-Patrick did, indeed, land a 51lb 2oz, spawnbound (but still awsome) carp with Bernie back in 1995. Photo was famous with him in the water, with his CarpWorld hat, with this dark pig. Young man named Trevor from the UK had a 49-2 with Bernie. Those were the biggest fish from his service that I know. Sorry to hear Bernie passed. I wonder if he got his wish of sailing to the arctic? On other news, Paul Hunt bagged a 50+ on the other side of the river as well. Still, a 50-13 is big news. I can see a lot of eyes going there soon
  5. Great fish, well done...and welcome to the mountain top sir!! Plenty of room for more!
  6. I have had grass carp to over 60lbs, and, mostly, they do not compare in any way to commons/mirrors. Thing is their runs CAN be spectacular, and super fast to the point your tackle is not safe. Then, presto, back to wet sock. They DO cartwheel and jump, and they can, indeed, kick your butt out of the water. But, in overall determination, they do not compare to commons...
  7. Iain, it's not his lack of DHEA that made him forget that part. It's actually called "selective memory" and is usually caused by a lack of fish slime on his own hands.
  8. Yes, when I was fishing Iroquois Bay for them in 2007 through the ice, I got reamed out by the DEC for having my 3 x 10" hole set up. Mass, it's OK, but not in NY...lol
  9. Don't make me come in here and straighten you guys out!!
  10. Yes, in NY. This guy was really cool, and that fish is a 40 range for sure. Great fish!
  11. How I miss this place sometimes....LOL
  12. This one and all my others are simply lipped and scooped up with the other hand. Hard with a mid 30, I know, but not that hard. Nice vid. Much harder to land them on a tip up. I'll have a video this winter of it.
  13. Wow...just shat myself a bit...LOL The last 2 pics are truly oldies I sent to Your Grampa back in 1996 or so...LOL First is the first fish I ever got from the Delaware R back in 1996, the other I truly have no clue where it was from!! Thanks Zach!
  14. Thank goodness no casinos near me, or I have to see the blue gloves come out. CT does have a couple casinos, though...and 40+lb carp...
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