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  1. Not a huge deal but there are multiple "Forum Guests" that are entered in that group of beutiful carp
  2. Too late for me to add this flawless, stunning speciman?
  3. Iain, "Whitey" is a good deal more than "mid-20s"...
  4. Found an oldie from a few years back I landed with Carpdadd that might compete...
  5. It's the very same fish, and one I've been chasing since the late 90's when it was a mid teen. From a water I found in 1997. It is 100% koi as it actually has a pink tint which doesn't quite come out in the pics...one of my fav fish this year.
  6. Koi count? If so, I'm tossing this lil guy in...
  7. Probably THE most perfect giant speciman I've ever seen both in person and in pics...near 4' long!
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