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  1. Awesome, Christian. The greatness of you and your brothers championships may have rubbed off! HA! I'm living in Houston and am the only caretaker of my Mom and dad and literally have not been more than a mile away from here since my mom's second stroke. I made a retreat to my bedroom at their house today and she ended up on the floor just feet from my dad. I'll be back someday and we will share some great fish tales!
  2. Correct me if I got this wrong but according to the leaderboard we got Champions! Big congratulations to Aniq Sajjad and Jaffar Syed of team Blankbusters, . It appeared to be a difficult 2 days of fishing according to the leaderboards but there was just no stopping team Blankbusters with almost a third of all tournament captures That's gettin' it well done in my book!
  3. It appears from viewing the leader board that the winners and repeat Champs are yet again The dynamic duo of Christian and Cesar from the SoCal Texas team! Big Congrats on an amazing repeat victory in one of the deepest field of participants in many years. Incredible competition and 2nd place showing again from August and Derek of the Momma's Boys. I did'nt think it was possible for these two teams to dominate the tournament 2 years in a row! Great job guys!
  4. Ha! Snagging I35east after it has been returned, smart move especially in that brutal weather. Add on those skilz you been honing year after year and history was made!
  5. As usual a big thanks to all the boys and girls of the Austin carp anglers for there relentless hard work and helping to make this tournament possible!
  6. Looks like the SoCal Carpers Won! Big congrats to Cristian and Cesar! It was really just a matter of time before this trophy was theirs. These guys were born to CPR carp! WTG.
  7. Guys I live here and the conditions are as brutal as you can get. What these fisherman have been through in freezing raining weather is just a lot more than I could ever handle on the bank.I live 20 miles southwest of downtown ladybird and I see nothing but freezing precipitation and ice accumulation from my window.
  8. Call the Sheriff the Wells brothers are at it again! But wait the Socal team are on fire at peg 9! We got a nail biter of a finish here!
  9. Give us board of directors or give us bait. We will gladly take whatever Andy has to offer. Thanks for serving!
  10. Peninsula, 1rst street, and carp Oh My!
  11. There are so many bait companys out there. I've always liked and used K-1 corn. They got cheaply priced hooks that have high quality steel and that is the main reason I keep placing my orders with K-1 cause I can get hooks and hook bait in one source that has never let me down.There are so many high priced mediocre quality steel name brand hooks out there that aint worth squat. Probably thrown couple hundred dollars of " superstar" company hooks in the trash because of the steel quality.It's been a couple of years since I bought hooks but hav'nt come across one even close that I would use new
  12. Guys I hav'nt fished for almost 2 years but when I do I'll be trying out this knot. Talked with some people about it a year or so ago but I don't know if they were able to try it out either. I think I could up my leader size to even 30lb big game and still have a smaller union that will pass through my inline method feeders for fish safety. I don't see how this could be beat as long as it holds and it appears if done right it will hold well. Google you tube video " smallest braid to leader knot. This knot is so beautiful I have lost many a nights sleep over it and when I do sleep I dream abou
  13. Lake Travis and Ladybird lake are the ones that get'em in my area. Lake Travis there is usually at least a drowning reported, at Ladybird unknown bodies just show up from time to time, had one this month.I'm like a cat on it's last life when I'm around LBL. Last time I fish it Set up at the I-35 boatramp and 12 hours later someone drives down the boatramp and into the river with one drowned. Keeps me on my toes.
  14. I lost count of all the expensive lines that test out worse than big game. I use big game as a shock leader with 30lb- 40lb powerpro mainline for better distance.20-25lb big game shock leader 15' or more.Gives some stretch for better play and more fish on the bank.It protects your finger with large diameter so no finger stall hasel needed to prevent cuts.This is a proven great setup if your not fishing the rocks or mussels.I like not having to change out my line very often and the braid in my area last a very long time cast long and maybe a fresh leader every couple of months. the knot from le
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