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  1. Virtually everyone who has seen this tool in action has purchased one. Cutting braid has always been a real pain, especially if you just need to trim a short length off. These cutters are fantastic, they cut cleanly through any braid. With other cutters, you need to pull the line tight to cut through it. Not so with these. With other cutters it is impossible to trim a short end. Not so with these. You can easily trim off a millimeter or two of frayed braid. See them here. Check out our new baiting needles too!
  2. Lead core's virtues have given it a considerable following. It does sink to the bottom, is abrasion resistant, helps prevent tangles and it does not have the "cheese cutter" action on the fish's flanks. But it also has some real shortcomings. It is stiff and does not hug the bottom contours. The inner lead wire usually breaks after a few uses and pokes through the woven coating. And, of course, it contains lead which has the potential to cause problems if not handled and disposed of properly. Wacker B&T is very pleased to offer an exciting alternative to lead core. Our new "ANVIL" products have the virtues of lead core without the failings. It is a new, very dense material that sinks nearly as fast as lead core but it is very flexible. It will hug the bottom contours to avoid detection by the carp. It can be knotted but is also easy to splice. It does not have an inner wire to break - lasts much longer than lead core. We offer ANVIL in 10m spools for those who prefer to make their own leaders and in ready-to-use 1m leaders with a spliced loop at each end. Both are available in 40lb (0.75mm) and 80lb (0.9mm) break strengths. See the products here. Once you try them, you will never go back to lead core.
  3. Sales prices good through March 31, 2011 or while supplies last. Only at Wacker Bait & Tackle.
  4. I guess it is tough to make the adjustments for smaller fish when you are a hardcore speciman angler. Wish I could have been there. Congrats to all!
  5. There are also good reviews of: cathy's breakfast nook 609 depot ave. dixon,il. 815-288-5623
  6. Wacker Bait & Tackle has just received new rods for Sonik and Chub, loads of new luggage from Chub, new digitl scales from Reuben-Heaton and more. We are listing it on the web site as quickly as possible - keep checking for new stuff.
  7. For twenty years Harrison Advanced Rods has been the technical leader in the manufacture of rod blanks. They led the way with overfit joints, 40 Ton carbon, 3k and 1k fabrics, and today still lead with higher modulus and lightweight carbons combined with lower resin content. They are one of the few companies that still make rods and blanks in the UK because they believe they can produce better fishing rods in Liverpool than they could in China. The guys who make the rods committed and every person who is involved in making Harrison Rods loves fishing. Every year they produce new designs and the Torrix and Trebuchet range of carp rods are at the forefront of carbon technology, but more importantly, they are designed and made by the most experienced team in the game. Classics like Chimera and Ballista are still hard to beat for many applications. Harrison Ballista 12' 3.5lb Ballista is Harrison's most famous carp rod and small changes over the years have kept it state-of-the-art. Very slim with more action in the butt than other Harrison rods, the Ballista remains a very firm favorite for fishing at distances up to around 100 yards. $259.99 HARBAL12-3.5 - More info here. Harrison Chimera 12' 3.25lb and 3.5lb Chimera has been the best selling Harrison rod for some time. It introduced the two weave concept to the carp market, which both aids performance and looks. The Chimera is a forgiving rod compared to some on the market yet it casts as well as many stiffer rods, but has the elasticity to soak up any last lunges of a big fish close in. The 12' 3 ½ is an awesome distance machine that is not for everyone but the 3 ¼ offers the best of both worlds, a distance rod that anyone can enjoy using. $289.99 - $296.99 HARCHI12-3.25/3.5 - See it here. Harrison Torrix 12' 3.25lb & 3.5lb The Torrix utilizes new tapers and new materials to produce fantastic performance at low diameter and weight. The butt and tip utilize two different carbon fibres in the zero axis to achieve low down casting power with forgiving no lock-up characteristics in the middle and tip. At ninety degrees is a ribcage of super lightweight carbon which controls the rod in compression. The butt of the rod is given a surface ply of 1k carbon fabric which strengthens the rod, improves hoop strength and reduces torque. Most popular model is the 12' 3 ¼ which will cast distance effortlessly in real world conditions and has produced close to 200yds on a casting field. The 12' 3 ½ which can achieve those extra few yards yet is still a very slim and light rod. Its also the most reliable rod series we have ever made. $335.99 - $341.99 HARTOR12-3.25/3.5 - More info. Harrison Trebuchet The Trebuchet is the rod that will outcast all- comers. This is a rod that in the right hands will cast over 200yds without wind assistance. Average casters will produce greater distance with Chimera and Torrix, but Trebuchet rewards the best casters with the ultimate distance. $441.99 HARTRE12 - See it here.
  8. All the new ACE gear is now listed on the Wacker Bait & Tackle web site. Order away!
  9. The ACE gear has arrived. It is on display in the store so those of you in the Chicago area can see it now. Will all be listed on the web site in a few days.
  10. Some people have been having a problem seeing the menu on the left side of the page at Wackerbaits.com. I believe this was caused by the Google toolbar (v. 5) used with Internet Explorer v. 7. I believe it is now fixed but would appreciate it if as many people as possible to take a look at it and make sure it is OK. If there are still problems, please send me a PM or email (paul@wackerbaits.com). Thanks.
  11. Max Cottis and Steve Tasker, both formerly of Fox International, have formed a new company - Advanced carp Equipment (ACE) - with the goal of providing the best possible quality of carp gear at competitive prices. Max has spent some time in the US and a few of you may have fished with him. If you have, you know that he is incredibly focused and attentive to every detail of his gear. He is truly a world-class angler with a great eye for product design. Wacker Bait & Tackle has received samples of most items in the ACE product line and we are very impressed. It has been designed and manufactured to the very highest standards. A shipment of ACE gear is on its way to Wacker - should be here early next week. Watch the web site or, better yet, stop into the store to see it first hand.
  12. Wacker Bait & Tackle has several specialist and carp rods and a couple of poles on sale.
  13. This is a very cool unhooker -developed by a carp angler. Perfect for tournament fishing - especially at Baldwinsville. <<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="
  14. There is a pretty good chance the TopMix baits will win the Open so you may as well be using them! 25% off TopMix Products.
  15. Just out (and Wacker may be the only place that has them), the Daiwa Sealine Black Bite-N-Run reel.
  16. WB&T has some great deals on D.A.M. bite alarms, bedchairs and umbrellas. Limited stock so act fast.
  17. WB&T has the fabulous BIG Fox Stratos FS12000 in stock.
  18. We are in the middle of a move to a space about twice as big as the old store. It is located at 1422 Roosevelt Road in Broadview IL, about 4 miles west of the old store. New phone number should be available next Wednesday and the we should be more-or-less in place by then.
  19. Looks good, Jim. Best of luck with the new enterprise.
  20. Still a few days left to save on a load of quality items here.
  21. 25% off D.A.M. rods. Now until 12/25.
  22. Lots of the Fox bits & pieces. Seat boxes, footplates, trolleys, arms & trays. Pole floats. Fox luggage. Warrior Elite and Warrior ES rods. Renagade Barrow (will carry everything you own) Trackta Barrow.
  23. We have had a "Wall of Fame" (has grown to several walls, actually) in the WB&T store for several years. Now we also have an on-line one. Got any big fish photos you would like to share, send them to info@wackerbaits.com. View the photos at WB&T. Include as much or as little detail as you want.
  24. See the at the manufacurers web site Buy them at WB&T. Street legal (FCC certified), parts and service available in the USA and a very nice item. Holds 1.2 liters of bait but it is compact enough that you will actually use it.
  25. We are very pleased to be able to offer the most incredible floats to the North American market. We have in stock the Cralusso Torpedo, Torpedo Tuning, Bubble and Surf floats. Check out the video to see the amazing Surf in action.
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