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    Winning the lottery and since that seems to be taking longer than I had hoped, I fill in the time with fishing and Muay Thai Boxing.

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  1. Your name:christine stout Your CAG forum name:carpalicious Your state or province of residence:indiana The state or province of your FFF 2016 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:same Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/16)?:bringing daughter, 12 years old, sydney wade.
  2. I can NOT wait for this event!!! That is all.
  3. ummm Neil, do NOT isten to him! Since I have no plans for a hooter reduction please make mine a womens large!
  4. That is just way too cool! Beautiful goldfish snd wow, what a belly on that common. Bravo!
  5. That sounds like a BLAST!! I miss crabbing and ocean fishing from my California living days....along with the weather!
  6. Please convey my thanks for his service! Congratulations to you as a father, as well.
  7. Lmao, read it on the internet, of course!!
  8. Holy crap, theyd make fairly expensive lures!! I mean, umm, not sure of pricing on such items but....I think regular fishing lures might be cheaper??? *Giggle*
  9. I have not laughed this hard in ages!! I pulled in a pair of pantyhose in Baldwinsville and thought that was strange until.....Marios pic
  10. Wow, would be kinda neat to make a evenly balanced team or teams of anglers with a batch from each state in it, to where if that team won, then you could break the team down to individual states and have them battle it out for the state title, if that makes sense.
  11. Ummm let me think about that for a minute....heeeeeeeeellllllll no. Them shoes are just to hard to fill and unless they are stilettos i wont wear them! *Grin*
  12. No prob, Andy. My first post regarding Justin I am sure was the target for the comment and didnt want your judgement to come under fire. I dont think anyone realized how fast one little idea would blossom or how fast the list would fill which is EXACTLY why his membership was paid that day rather than Friday. Sorry for the confusion my post caused you or anyone else.
  13. Who isnt a CAG member, or wasnt at the time that their name was put on the list. Everyone is I think, as that was monitored VERY CLOSELY. In fact, Justin Keaton was on the reserve list UNTIL the very moment his payment came through. The first post by Andy Sprinkle reflected that until he paid his membership, then was moved from reserve to number 15. I think its kinda customary for people who fish together a lot to put their names in together for events, especially if one is at the computer when another isnt etc, etc but can definitely see how missing the chance to make the list could be frustrating. Remember this is 6 months away and a heck of a lot can happen, people who are on the list may not be able to go so pretty darn smart of Andy to get that reserve list going now. Keep your fingers crossed, never know what could change and how quickly you may move up to the 1-15 spots.
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