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  1. The puff strikes again, 31lb 5oz Grasser caught in local city lake.
  2. Thanks I appreciate the info!
  3. I have never seen or tried carp float fishing. Would you please give some idea of the type rig you are using, the type of area and depth that you are most sucessful.
  4. Monday morning Tim “Cool Dad” Gill and I head out to a small local lake chasing Grass Carp. The weather was cool, raining and windy. The fishing was slow having caught only one common by noon. Around 2:00 pm the sun came out not long after I noticed a light tap on my rod and set the hook. After a good fight and a lot of net help from my fishing partner we weighed a 45-13 lb Grasser not only my PB but the only Grass carp I have ever caught. I was very surprised to see such a large fish in a small lake. The Puff strikes again!
  5. Received 1/6/12, great pictures. Thanks to those who put out the effort.
  6. My name is Jim; I'm 67 years old and have been retired for about a year. I have four children and four grandchildren. I like the outdoors, fishing and Kayaking. I caught my first Carp when I was five, my grandfather made sure I would have fun by prebaiting a hole on Lake Kemp in Texas. From then on I was into fishing but mostly for bass. I moved from San Diego to Georgia about ten years. I was out bass fishing one day and met the Ol Captain he was catching carp with corn, looked like fun. About six months ago I contacted the Ol Captain indicating I would like to participate in the fellowship a
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