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Hello all,

My name is David McManus & i live in Paulding, North west Ohio (very close to Indiana & Michigan). Im a British expat who moved to Ohio 4 years ago. After having chased the bluegills, bass & catfish here since i arrived, i am now resorting back to what i know best, Carpfishing.

Having been a carp fisherman back in England for 30 years i am well versed in carp fishing bait, tackle & techniques.

I will find the carp on my own (i can smell em') but would love to hear from anyone who can show me some good venues also. In return i can share with you my knowledge, stories & friendship.

I have caught hundreds of carp to over 30 lbs, but know its time to beat my personal bests & catch some different types of carp in a new country. Looking forward to hearing from you, Dave.


Well i am succeeding!.

So far i have now caught 3 new fish @ some massive weights, here in Ohio.


Flathead Catfish 40 lb 3 oz (OH,USA)

Grass Carp 54lb 2oz (OH,USA)

Oh! & a large mouth Buff @ 11lb 4oz (OH,USA)

English PB's

Mirror Carp 31 lb 8oz (England)

Common Carp 25 lb 4oz (England)

Crusian Carp 2 lb 2oz (England)

Green Perch 2 lb 8oz (England)

Pike 18lb 8oz (England)


Proud user of NYCarpCandy Baits

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