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  1. Have bought a few different flavors of boilles from Matt & i REALY like the look of these baits. Picking up another order when Matt arrives at EH this coming week & I m super confident that these baits are going to catch me a LOT of fish this year Will keep you all posted on my catches as they happen.
  2. What can i say? i live in a retarded,simple & backward part of Ohio.
  3. in their infinate wisdom somehow my bank thought it worthy of waiting for the refund first. All woman at the bank..........just sayin!
  4. Hit twice more while waiting for the refund on the first! more dating site withdrawals! The card is now dust
  5. My apologies Robert, I guess I misread your post
  6. I see it as 12 pages of support for those that have been hit!............NOT CRAP!!!! You are lucky not to have been hit, & i agree, i don't think this is a carp or CAG based problem.
  7. 23rd Feb- dating site. Paypal was used @ Carpkit & CNYCarpCandy CC was used @ BCT last night.
  8. Checking my records i have used Paypal EVERYTIME for an online purchase in the last year, Apart from last night when i used CC at BCT!!?...........& i still got hit somehow. My guess is that its not necessarily Carp tackle shop related.
  9. Yeppers! got to show off my new piece of kit to 22 of Ohio's finest @ Larry Kinsler's "WINTERFEST" on Saturday & the response was a truly positive one. I cannot wait to try this rod out (as soon as the damn ice breaks) & look forward to buying another to complete my NEW set up. Thanks again to Iain for making this happen.
  10. I would just like to say thank you very much Ian for the awesome gift of a Saxon Hexalite 2.75lb 12' rod as ways of the new members drive that you sponsored. The rod itself is a thing of true beauty & i would advise anyone who is after a quality rod to purchase one of these rods. I Will be buying a second rod to complete a set up. Can't wait to try it out & to start catching fish upon this rod. Thanks a million, Dave.
  11. I think its Neil's conspiracy theory There was just way too many KOI carp caught Good luck at the hospital Willem
  12. Great competition idea. Wish you had a section for Euro carpers from back in the day. I could have supplied you with a whole album of silliness
  13. Again, some really nice looking fish here. Shame i got on here too late,still better late than never besides your not late till you get there
  14. Great competiton & VERY hard to decide which one should have won. If the competiton had been split into two parts 1. most beautifull & 2. most unusual, it would have still been hard Congratulations to the winner, that fish had both beauty & it was unusual. Thanks to all the members that entered their fish in the competiton. Its great to see so many fantasic carps here in North America. Just makes you wanna get out there & catch some more Ideas for future competitions; Most attractive angler Ps. i did not vote as i came to this forum after the deadline & im not a CAG member yet, but nos. 5-12 & 16 were my on my shortlist
  15. Hello John, my name is Dave & i live in Paulding. Hope the fishing is going well. Im trying to get people local to us together for some fishing sometime if you would be interested??

  16. Hi there, thanks for stopping by

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