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  1. Good job! I would humbly assume the fish you caught were not actually spawning, here and everywhere from all I've talked to and read about and fished for do not eat while actually engaged. First carp on a fly, never to be forgotton! That was nice intimate water as well. Gregg
  2. Good job!!! Carp with fly gear is a blast! Love the write up, thanks! Gregg
  3. MCW, Good luck! I have one suggestion. If you find where carp are working in water less than 9', 5 and less would be better, and see only the bubbles they make, mud plumes, indistinct shapes, and such, fish a size 6 or 8 egg imitation under a light indicator. Finding depth is the hardest part, but once you are on the bottom and on top of a working unseen fish it CAN be taken! Regularly actually. Often the bubbles indicate the direction a fish is moving and the amount of water it likes to cover. Lead it as the current bubbles lesson, like quail shooting. Of course I use other flies and techniques but this is what I do 90% of the time. In the thread on flies here I've additional information if interested. Again, good luck! Gregg
  4. Had some blanks from tying Craig Matthew's Bonefish Bitters and thought I'd try to use them in a different fashion. Using a Dai Riki 810 #6 or Mustad 3366 #6 and still the Dai Riki 280 in #8 I tied a morphed version of a wooly bugger. They have a weight of 7 wraps of .020 lead behind the head, a tail of marabou or rabbit cut from a zonker strip with legs on either side, a dubbed body of squirrel and SLF blend and the saddle hackle is wrapped from he head and anchored with small copper wire. They are so slinky! So far only largemouth bass have been taken with them, not many, none actually, presented to carp but I hope that chance comes next trip. Gregg
  5. Love fly caught carp videos. Good stuff there! Gregg
  6. Good picture prior to almost the inevitable. I'm used to fishing where the topography says "You will stay here, no other place you can get to." Got to take what you can get sometimes. Good you had fish available. Gregg
  7. Very nice, suckers here are way underated, we don't have buffalo, but trout guys will hook a sucker and swear it's the largest trout ever, and then be disappointed when they see what they have. Never understood that. Gregg
  8. More of both described above. Gregg
  9. Recently I have been attempting to develope upon Sean Hudson's Mud Bugger (I'd accidently termed it Mud Mug,) Clam series of mine and Wendy Berrell's LOD, both of which I recieved in McTage's carp swap. That clam derivation with hackle was my take off point, with a desire to have an LOD type fly with the peacock herl on top with the hook riding that way as well. So came the muskrat fur. At first with the Clam I simply substituted muskrat in a split dubbing loop and trimmed it flat as per hackle. As Sean suggested the muskrat wasn't stiff enough to turn the hook up. So, I flatenned a piece of .030 lead with my Leatherman and tied it on the eventual bottom of the heavy Dai Riki #6 135 hook and wonders of wonders the fly rode perfectly hook up with tons of movement. Does it resemble a clam? The carp can take it for what they choose, but that red foot is still there. The Legion of Doom was/is a cool fly but I see the flies wonderful peacock herl buried when sitting on the bottom. So using a Dai Riki #6 810 (eqiv. to M3366) and 5/32" dazzle eyes I tied a fly of split legs, top of peacock herl, body of muskrat in a split thread dubbing loop and a rib of red or copper wire with the fur trimmed flat I had a fly that rode upside down with that wonderful peacock on top. Later I added the keel of .030 wire but the initial several were fine. Then a tail of rootbeer marabou was added to more. These ought to do well, they all ride correctly thus far. Having fun, Gregg
  10. Very fun to watch. Gregg
  11. Right, good for those boys, no offensive language, professional video for their age, typical fly guy fashion statement (you'll never see me in). But a carp of 15lb-18lb to me, still, kudos to them. Gregg
  12. Bill, That's exciting to see! If they are like ours here they are tough to fool. I see you have done it several times, I have only hooked one. A pal did catch one of about 15lb. but this was a surprise. Cool! Gregg
  13. Hi Chris, If you tell me nice flies I am flattered. I will try your method with the tying thread. I too use a dubbing loop, preferably with a split thread, but that would not work your way unless I had another bobbin tie off as I do my zonkers. I'm glad you found us! Gregg
  14. Hi Bill, We here have them in several places for several weeks very close, but I'm not where you asked. The other day simply found bubbles, but they were there. Gregg
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