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  1. looks like a good time
  2. I have been inspired by a firearms and hunting course to develop the vital safety tips for carp angling...This includes the necessary ACTS, and PROVEing the carp safe. Assume every carp is wired Control carp while lifted Touch carp minimally to reduce slime removal See that the carp has been successfully revived and released Position carp comfortably on landing mat Remove hook Observe carp and take pictures Verify the carp is ready to be released Examine pictures once carp has successfully swam away Hopefully these tips prevent any fatal carp accidents in the future.
  3. that feeling of other men rubbing up against me >>

  4. i like snagging carp with big 3 prongs

  5. I'm too lazy to do a write-up so heres the video instead! also if you like the video please subscribe and check out our new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CapitalCarpers?ref=hl
  6. Heres a video of a session from a few weeks ago with me and Grasshopper and our friend Kevin who caught the fish of his lifetime.
  7. Last night, Me, Donnie, Mike, Tristan, and Ken met up for an overnight session at the beautiful, clear, clean, waters of the #### chute. I had been dying to get out for a while since I have just healed from a shoulder injury, and Iwas anxious to test out my new Daiwa Infinity Overnighter bedchair. Ken, Tristan, and I showed up around 6:30 p.m, it was already pitch black outside so we took a bit to set our stuff up. About a minute after I casted out my line with 3 pieces of pineapple cukk corn on a bolt rig, I was distracted helping the Uchida's set up the bivvey. All of a sudden my alarm sang,
  8. Well, I haven't been up to much on the banks or CAG lately, I've had one carp session since august, that was the other week with tristan and mark, i was getting into a bit of salmon so i was distracted from carp, and i also have a few equipment problems that had been keeping me off the banks. But now ive broken my collarbone so i think it will be atleast a month before im out fishing again. I haven't stopped carp fishing or gotten bored of it, il be back at it soon so stick a few for me!
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