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    Fishing, Hunting, Soccer, Hockey, High School.

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    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
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  1. that feeling of other men rubbing up against me >>

  2. i like snagging carp with big 3 prongs

  3. who wants to join me for a session tomorrow?

  4. Van Halen tomorrow! Valley Inn sunday

  5. Can't get out fishing, might aswell watch WFN all day!

  6. Who else am I going to see at Lasalle this weekend?

  7. Looks like the carp are officially on for 2012!

  8. Wind ruined any chances of heading out today...busy tomorrow, no carp for me this weekend.

  9. Finally joined...

    1. hairwig


      Welcome aboard Nick. (Even though your a Boston fan)

    2. Dropback_Burgiss


      lol i just read this, thanks mate!

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