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  1. I always thought a natural wildlife area was sanctuary to the wildlife in that area. make sure you are fishing legally
  2. notice as the hook is snelled down and thru the eye, helps the hook turn 100percent
  3. they have them at the bulk barn they come in a bag not in the bulk ingredient containers, about $3.00. look in the health food section usually set up at the far end of bulk barn, it says organic corn puffs on the bag, you dont want corn pops cereal, totally dfferent item. fish it with an oat, bread or grits pack around the hook, usually a 1/0 owner straight eye hook or similar. Im sure Lorne will chime in as he specializes in this method. gluck Darrin google, carpin southern style for more details
  4. For those who know Frank at bronte outdoor he just got in some sweet korean floats, there are a few different styles to choose from. Also bronte outdoor will be moving on august 1st to john street and lakeshore in Mississauga, hell be beside the starbucks which is on the sw corner right next to the credit river
  5. badapples

    short runs

    Sorry I didnt introduce myself, I thought I had posted here before. My names Darrin Im from the gta and am an avid sportsman. I enjoy many types of fishing, mainly for migratory trout and salmon through the later fall and into the spring. Once that slows down I start to carp fish ( alot more last 2 years) aswell I enjoy catching walleye and perch in the winter and summer as they are great table fare. I also love to tie flies, jigs and other handmate baits, this is why I love carping so much because you can cateh them on my own bait concouctions. I fish both euro and paylake and also enjoy wag
  6. badapples

    short runs

    Was out tonight for some carping. I was fishing a 3 1/2oz semi fixed bolt rig with a tight line. I had 3 very short runs where by the time I picked up the rod the run was over. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to ensure longer runs. I fished this way for a while now and have never really had this problem. Any insight is appreciated thanks Darrin o was using a hair rig with 6 inch hookilink (braid)
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