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  1. Chad

    2019 CCC RESULTS

    2019 CCC RESULTS..... Greetings everyone, please join me in congratulating Wayne Boone as the 2019 North American CAG Carp Classic champion. The morning of the classic started out with the obvious evidence of massive rain from the previous 24 hours making the DesPlaines river a raging mess with weeds and debris all threw out. Despite the less than favorable weather and the current flowing at 18,000 cubic feet per second, we had 43 anglers from 8 states and 2 countries ready to not only battle each other but the DesPlaines river as well. We quickly preceded threw check in and peg draw to start the 2019 CCC on time at 8 a.m. The bite during the day was slow to say the least. The most noise that came out of everyones alarms was due to current and weeds. A lot of anglers used up to 12oz. of lead just to be able to hold bottom. With that bieng said there were a couple of carp captured by anglers in two different sections. The morning carp caught was in section "C" by Destinie Vaughn weighing in at 8lb-2oz. The late afternoon carp was captured by Wayne Boone in section "B" weighing in at 8lb-15oz. This would be the single fish that won everything. Waynes catch not only got him the Noth American CAG championship but, it was also good for Carp King as well as section winner. The other section prize winners were Fred Rhodes for section "A"....Destinie Vaughn for section "C"...and Aniq Sajjad for section "D". The team Challenge for the classic had 11 teams signed up however, no team entered landed a carp. The award banquet was held at the Rockdale A.C. a couple of hours after the classic ended. Upon entering the Rockdale AC , anglers were welcomed to a large selection of food to satisfy anyones appetite. The award ceremony took place right after dinner followed up by auctioning off a couple of big ticket prizes donated by Big Carp Tackle and CAG. After the quick auction we proceeded to start raffling off the two pool tables full of prizes. The amount of tickets sold for the raffle was nothing short of fantastic. We took well over an hour to give out nearly 200 prizes that was all donated by multiple companies as well as carp fishing clubs. As the drinks were flowing and the good times going the crowd began to thin out and at just after 10:30 the last of us had called it a night . I want to also acknowledge that Nash legends Steve and Joan Briggs from the U.K. were in the states on a fishing holiday and they had decided to attend the 2019 CCC on their last weekend here in the U.S. I, ( as well as many others) had the chance to spend a little time chatting with the Briggs and they are the sweetest most down to earth people you would ever want to meet. It was truly an honor to meet and share bank space with Steve and Joan. I would like to thank each and everyone that not only attended the classic but to all of those that supported me in hosting the 2019 CAG Carp Classic. The generosity of carp community is second to none. I am truly honored to be the host of such a prestigious Carp tournament and I am humbled that I had this opportunity. Thank you everyone, Chad Bettisch ... 2019 CCC host.
  2. Thank you David. It was nice meeting you as well as a few others carpers that I have never met before. Its too bad you didn't catch anything especially since you had drawn my favorite peg, the river was just mean on Saturday.
  3. no the CAG has set it to just two fishing next to each other
  4. Good evening everyone since there is a possibility of rain on Saturday the peg draw will be at 7 a.m. as usual however we will be in section B. There is a covered Pavilion that we can use that way we will stay dry and check in is at 6:30 a m on Saturday fishing begins at 8 a.m. until 4
  5. That won't be a problem for me I've hired a limo to haul my fishing gear 😁
  6. Here we are a few days out..... 20190924_193809.mp4
  7. Chad

    2019 CCC Donor board.

    Here are few last minute prizes to be raffled off. Thanks to CAG fir the chair and to Wicked Carp Company for the bait lot.
  8. If you decide to use bank sticks in Joliet here are the ways I use them. I don't use a pod in Joliet however, if you're planning on fishing Montrose then you will need a pod....its concrete. I suggest bringing some zip ties if you are using bank sticks.
  9. Chad

    2019 CCC angler list

    UPDATED ANGLER LIST.....9-18-19 Anthony Hartung Frank Rink Bogadn Bucur Dick Laubscher Lorene Laubscher Mark Pinner Rick Slinker Tony Stout Walter Wheeler Jeff Conroy Larry Seeman Brandon Kim Aniq Sajjad Dabid Bayne Chris Carey Kevin Zeh Amos Behanna Paige Behanna Jimmy Sneed Jr Robert Kraft Fred Rhodes Mike Bold Mihai Aciu David Moore Chad Bettisch Alexi Perciuleac Wayne Boone Bill Hodge Sydney ( with Tony Stout ) Dave Marceau Chris Reitan
  10. Chad

    CCC Team Event?

    The team event is an optional event that is $5 per angler and its only eligible for paid participants of the 2019 CCC. This will be the same format as the CCC. meaning each teams biggest four carp will count. We will take payment during sign in on Saturday morning September 28th. I have 6 medals...2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze to hand out for the team event.
  11. There are only 2 days left.....get your 2019 CCC shirt ordered by Tuesday September 10th. They will ready and delivered to the CCC on the 28th in Joliet.
  12. ONLY 5 days left to order your 2019 CCC shirt. The cost is only $18
  13. Chad

    2019 CCC Donor board.

    Naptown Bait and Tackle from Indianapolis is on board fir the 2019 CCC... Thanks for your support.
  14. you are in....thanks
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