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  1. Due to increased work obligations and a growing family I no longer have the spare time and energy the state chair position deserves, my short tenure has been rewarding and fun and I hope someone can take up the torch and serve the great group of members we have in the Hoosier state. If anyone is interested in the position or has someone they would like to nominate please shoot me a message and I will happily answer any questions you may have and do whatever I can to assist in the transition.

  2. ***ANNOUNCEMENT-SOCIAL CANCELLED*** It is with regret that I will not be able to host/attend the social that was scheduled for this Saturday. I am stuck out of town on a job that will be rolling through the weekend, if those of you that were planning to attend still want to get together I will be happy to arrange a big fish plaque for the CAG member that lands the biggest carp of the night (please be sure to take a picture of the fish). I apologize for this late notice, free time isn't easy for me to come by in the summer months so I am unable to reschedule anything at this time.

  3. ***ATTENTION*** HOOSIER CARPER SOCIAL VENUE CHANGE*** Due to flooding at lake Monroe this Saturday's social will be held at Lake Salinda in Salem. The times will stay the same, July 25th starting at noon and ending Sunday morning at 8am. Please post up here if you plan to attend, I will be grilling brats and dogs if anyone wants to bring a side to share that would be great, hope to see you all there!!

  4. They were discussing moon phases on the most recent carpcast podcast, if I recall correctly they said the highest chance for a bite would occur on a new moon with falling pressure. They also listed quite a few exceptions but would be an interesting thing to start logging.

  5. !!!ROLL CALL!!! Post up here if you plan to attend the CAG/Hoosier Carpers social April 18th from 8am-4pm at reservoir park 500 in Kokomo. I will be bringing my grill and hot dogs and buns for everyone, if anyone else would like to contribute anything please be sure to mention it below. There will be a few door prizes donated by westside bait and tackle, also a plaque for biggest fish will be awarded. I'm doing something different with the plaques this year, I am going to have them personalized with the anglers name and possibly a photo of them with their winning fish (still waiting to find out the total cost for that) and present them to the winners at the chili dinner/swap meet. These plaques are going to paid for by CAG so you will need to be CAG member to be eligible. You do not need to be a CAG member to fish at the social or for the door prizes.

  6. The venue has been changed to Reservoir Park 500 on Kokomo Reservoir, Kokomo IN. It will be taking place from 8am-4pm. I stopped by there earlier in the week and I'm positive it will be a much more accommodating location, plenty of flat open bank, primitive restrooms on site and a playground if you bring the kids along. I will be posting a roll call thread Sunday. Hope to see you all there!


  7. Had a similar issue that took me a couple days to straighten out, if you need it shoot me a message and I will get you a picture of the order number and all the other pertinent info that they could use to look it up.

  8. Carp were stocked in the South in local ponds, but as a food source during the depression. If you can find some that haven't been eaten then you might find a big fish. Yes, we eat them still. The war between the states left the South with NOTHING, taking 75 years and a great depression eating most anything that could be had. Ya'll yankees didn't have such a need for food, you took everything. What you didn't take you burned.


    We all got to see it here first, on a carp fishing forum, the first official sign that the south will rise again!
  9. I was also disappointed to not see more North American content, I don't place any blame on the editor or volunteers that made this issue possible but rather on the North American anglers themselves. These last couple naca's have been the slickest looking things CAG has ever put their name on, they look and read just like the e-magazines released by major carp tackle companies. This NACA is a truly respectable product, not something an outsider could easily dismiss as some rag trying to glorify a "trash" fish by any means. Dean you have set the bar high, if American carp anglers want their only carp magazine to be more American then we need to take this as a challenge to step our game up.

  10. Agree with Pawel Sander! More things to do in Chicago and Milwaukee! I am sure that Wacker baits would help!

    Both of those venues are great and in my opinion better suited for the job than storey, I wasn't clear on one thing though, which one of you is volunteering to host the CCC in Chicago or Milwaukee?

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