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  1. Hey buddy, is Salinda worth the trip for carp fishing? Heard decent things about it...also...is there plenty of bank space?

  2. Good stuff, love all the member contributions, a polished product as usual Dean.
  3. 100% catch and release or would some sort of slot limit/bag limit? I would really like to see Mario's form letter suggestion come to fruition
  4. Welcome Craig and thanks for volunteering
  5. I would like to see a focus on club news, events and significant achievements and captures made by members. Rig tips and bait advice can be found from a million different sources these days so if the newsletter is going to be just a few pages that limited space should be focused on club specific content.
  6. I was also disappointed to not see more North American content, I don't place any blame on the editor or volunteers that made this issue possible but rather on the North American anglers themselves. These last couple naca's have been the slickest looking things CAG has ever put their name on, they look and read just like the e-magazines released by major carp tackle companies. This NACA is a truly respectable product, not something an outsider could easily dismiss as some rag trying to glorify a "trash" fish by any means. Dean you have set the bar high, if American carp anglers want their only carp magazine to be more American then we need to take this as a challenge to step our game up.
  7. Your activity on the board and the little conversation we had is what really got me fired up to become a state chair, a decision I've thoroughly enjoyed the last year. Thank you for your service Ed!
  8. Thanks for taking on the position Steve! Will be getting in touch with you after the holidays about the 2015 cag activities for Indiana.
  9. Welcome and thanks for taking on the position!
  10. Tom, you don't know me but I thought I would let you know I was a little excited to see your name pop up when I clicked on "new content" your presence has been missed.My question for the experts is, how deep is too deep? Most of us bank anglers lack the electronics to gauge exactly where the thermocline begins so when I'm fishing deep quarries and reservoirs I often find myself scared to venture outside the margins if I find the water to be deeper than 10-15 feet. What tactics can be used to determine where the dead water begins?
  11. As a fellow sealine user this is great to hear in case any problems arose in the future
  12. Sorry to hear this, I enjoy the stuff you put out. I hope you stay active in the carp community in one way or another.
  13. It should open up on your PC, it holds the entire NACA archive plus other info.
  14. It should open up on your PC, it holds the entire NACA archive plus other info.
  15. If you aren't sure about boilies their flavored corns are the best I have used, although I have had a couple sessions so far this year where the 12mm pinenanna boilies have out produced sweetcorn when used side by side.
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