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  1. Hey buddy, is Salinda worth the trip for carp fishing? Heard decent things about it...also...is there plenty of bank space?

  2. Due to increased work obligations and a growing family I no longer have the spare time and energy the state chair position deserves, my short tenure has been rewarding and fun and I hope someone can take up the torch and serve the great group of members we have in the Hoosier state. If anyone is interested in the position or has someone they would like to nominate please shoot me a message and I will happily answer any questions you may have and do whatever I can to assist in the transition.
  3. Before buying anymore rods it sounds like investing in a quality holdall would be a good idea
  4. You will never truly know how to fish until you learn to drink like a fish.
  5. Put your beer can in a coozy, that should trick them
  6. Good stuff, love all the member contributions, a polished product as usual Dean.
  7. When I have used r&w and other American style cake flavors I find that most all scent and flavor boils out. If I do it again I will probably try steaming them or wrapping them in Saran Wrap and boiling them in bricks to prevent flavor loss.
  8. ***ANNOUNCEMENT-SOCIAL CANCELLED*** It is with regret that I will not be able to host/attend the social that was scheduled for this Saturday. I am stuck out of town on a job that will be rolling through the weekend, if those of you that were planning to attend still want to get together I will be happy to arrange a big fish plaque for the CAG member that lands the biggest carp of the night (please be sure to take a picture of the fish). I apologize for this late notice, free time isn't easy for me to come by in the summer months so I am unable to reschedule anything at this time.
  9. ***ATTENTION*** HOOSIER CARPER SOCIAL VENUE CHANGE*** Due to flooding at lake Monroe this Saturday's social will be held at Lake Salinda in Salem. The times will stay the same, July 25th starting at noon and ending Sunday morning at 8am. Please post up here if you plan to attend, I will be grilling brats and dogs if anyone wants to bring a side to share that would be great, hope to see you all there!!
  10. They were discussing moon phases on the most recent carpcast podcast, if I recall correctly they said the highest chance for a bite would occur on a new moon with falling pressure. They also listed quite a few exceptions but would be an interesting thing to start logging.
  11. 100% catch and release or would some sort of slot limit/bag limit? I would really like to see Mario's form letter suggestion come to fruition
  12. WAY TO GO BRIAN!!! Just saw another Daugherty capture on Facebook that dwarfs this, still a little early in the year but I bet it would be easy to say you guys have made the swim discovery of the year!
  13. Welcome Craig and thanks for volunteering
  14. My new PB of 39 pounds even, was quite a thrill watching it slip into the net!
  15. Awesome captures Burba, keep them coming!
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