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  1. Good stuff, love all the member contributions, a polished product as usual Dean.
  2. I was also disappointed to not see more North American content, I don't place any blame on the editor or volunteers that made this issue possible but rather on the North American anglers themselves. These last couple naca's have been the slickest looking things CAG has ever put their name on, they look and read just like the e-magazines released by major carp tackle companies. This NACA is a truly respectable product, not something an outsider could easily dismiss as some rag trying to glorify a "trash" fish by any means. Dean you have set the bar high, if American carp anglers want their only carp magazine to be more American then we need to take this as a challenge to step our game up.
  3. Tom, you don't know me but I thought I would let you know I was a little excited to see your name pop up when I clicked on "new content" your presence has been missed.My question for the experts is, how deep is too deep? Most of us bank anglers lack the electronics to gauge exactly where the thermocline begins so when I'm fishing deep quarries and reservoirs I often find myself scared to venture outside the margins if I find the water to be deeper than 10-15 feet. What tactics can be used to determine where the dead water begins?
  4. As a fellow sealine user this is great to hear in case any problems arose in the future
  5. Sorry to hear this, I enjoy the stuff you put out. I hope you stay active in the carp community in one way or another.
  6. It should open up on your PC, it holds the entire NACA archive plus other info.
  7. It should open up on your PC, it holds the entire NACA archive plus other info.
  8. If you aren't sure about boilies their flavored corns are the best I have used, although I have had a couple sessions so far this year where the 12mm pinenanna boilies have out produced sweetcorn when used side by side.
  9. Just spoke to a fishing buddy that also got hit, charges to ftd florists and walmart totaling almost a grand.
  10. The first attempts on my card were from the 21st then a bunch again last night and this morning.
  11. Wow this thread was pretty surprising to see, considering I just got off the phone with my bank about fraudulent activity with my card. All online shopping stuff (flowers, car parts, dating sites, etc.) luckily for me they were greedy and all the charges were over my credit limit. I wonder if the security of one of our tackle vendors has been jeopardized. I most recently purchased from carp kit but I have also ordered from wacker and big carp in the last month or two.
  12. Just got my new wychwood alarms from CarpKit and I am incredibly pleased with the service I got. I have always been apprehensive to order before fearing there would be high shipping costs from a Canadian retailer, well the shipping was reasonable and I got a great deal on the alarms, happy to have CarpKit join the rotation with the domestic retailers I already order from.
  13. I am glad there is someone like you (Willem) to keep this forum running/recovering, I love my local carp forum but the mass amount of information and entertainment available here is unlike anything elsewhere, your work is greatly appreciated by myself and many others I'm sure.
  14. With K1 and wacker I was instructed to just write a request for the discount in the notes section below were you put your billing info
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