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  1. Im in the same boat man. Seems to just never end.
  2. http://www.carptournamentseries.com/site/tournaments/2014-connecticut-carp-open/
  3. $100,000 for beating state record during tourney.
  4. Hey everybody! Curious if any of you guys on here planning on competing in the ct carp open in October?
  5. Congrats on the pb! What state you fishin?
  6. Glad you guys enjoyed the video! Got a bunch of nasty weather here today in Connecticut as most of us did here on the east coast and cant wait for this madness to be over with and we are back to green leaves on the trees, birds chirping and carp rolling all over the place once again!
  7. Right on man thank you! Idk why I was having such a problem getting it on there.
  8. if you search "American carp fishing fall 2013" by elcapitanmas
  9. its the fall version Daniel but that's our spring video!
  10. The Last few weeks have been spent going through hours of video and editing of video by my good buddy Justin Solak who has impressively picked up on the process extremely quickly. Myself and Ethan K have spent the last couple of Sundays over at Justin's house where we put our two cents in and helped out in anyway we could to get the video done. The video was taken last October over the course of a week where the fishing was a little tough to start filled with crazy weather patterns, fast flowing water and enough dead/dying weeds flowing by at all levels of the water column to become a problem routinely. After a few days the river decided to settle down a bit just in time to start spitting out some fish for ourselves and guests we had come down for a day or two at a time. We had a great time full of laughs as we do on all of our sessions spent fishing together. On a side note in the video you'll notice a disfigured figurine of none other than the Hulkster himself. The poor guy was discovered by Ethan the spring before buried in the bank with only its two legs barely poking out of the ground. Understandably we were reluctant to not discard the poor guy off the bat for reasons which will become apparent when you see him but instead he kind of grew on us and we decided to give him a second chance at life and he has since become a mascot of sorts that we seek out upon arrival to this particular location. Each video we make together ( this is the second ) we come up with new things we'd like to do more of or do away with for the next video. Rumor has it the next video will be in the recording process at some point this upcoming may and will be put up on the internet sometime next summer. Also their have been rumors that we will be having some special guest appearances on the spring trip by none other than Santosh, SaxMatt and more! This is probably my third attempt at putting the link up here on the forums and each time when I go to paste it something happens where the page freezes and its becoming rather frustrating so what I'm going to do is post this up and then reply to it with the youtube link. If this doesn't work I'm hoping Santosh or Matt will be able to help a brotha out and post the link up on the thread for me. Here goes nothin, hope you enjoy!
  11. Good work and well earned as spending the time out in the winter cold always brings on more challenges!
  12. Good grief not cool man. Horrible net work ontop of it all.
  13. Matt, everyday I come a little closer to venturing out on the ice.
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