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  1. Sorry guys I will not be able to make it to the WSCC this year. Best of luck to all participants and tight lines.
  2. Awesome session with some good looking fish.
  3. Awesome event. I would like to send out a big thank you to Andy. With the new baby on the way and all that you have been through lately I know it wasn't easy, so thank you buddy. I would also like to thank West Side Tackle and Marukyu for the raffle items and World Classic Baits for the trophies. Last but not least thank you to all that attended for its the great people in our sport that make this event special.
  4. Cool fish Brian. Enjoyed the bank time with you and Linda.
  5. Sweet glad you got into some of Saginaw's better fish. Congrats on the PB.
  6. I got out on the Saginaw River last weekend for some pre fishing before the regionals next weekend. The river looked great the current was not bad and I was able to fish at range with 4oz leads. Hopefully the rain this week doesn't change things much. The fishing was really good also got 40+ fish for 2 days of fishing. A 22lb was my biggest with lots of fish in the 14 to 17lb range. I know one of the Michigan guys also got a 28lb closer to the bay. I was fishing solo this weekend and had no camera man was also using a crappy phone camera so please excuse the mat shots they were all I could get. I hope everyone is getting as fired up for the regionals as I am. Looking forward to seeing all of you then.
  7. Truly awesome fish guys congrats
  8. Some great looking fish, looks like you're off to a great start for the year
  9. Some absolutely awesome fish coming in this month. Glad I'm not a judge on this one.
  10. Some good looking fish Dean.
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