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  1. Hate to say it but chuck had a important matter in life so he wont be making it on sat. he says he is very sorry.... He also says He still owes you that rematch frank but right now isnt so good for him.........
  2. Hope you do good cuse chuck wants to see you there... He said he wants to give you a rematch that the best deserve... good luck frank......But dont let it get you down its all part of fishing sometimes you catch and sometimes you dont look at how many times i blanked but still come back for more cuse i like to fish with the best all of the peeps from IL. and IN.
  3. So its 100$ total for everything then. just asking cuse i heard it was 75$ but im in either way just let me know
  4. Ok im in again sign me up i got the day off lol I switched with a guy at work ............
  5. Im trying to get that day off looks like to much fun so im trying and if i do i will let you guys know chhuck is still going ill ask my dad
  6. I might still drive up after work and mingle around and see every one
  7. Good luck to all on sat. I wont be attending due to my daughters B-Day and my work days I work on wed. Thur. Fri. and sat. now 12 hour days now from 7pm to 7 am wish i could be there and as for the 5 Bridge I'm not going to be able to make that one either I work that sat too BUMMER
  8. LOL but it was worth every minute lol They probably thought we where harboring a fugitive look at chuck blomlie outfit lol county wants there jumpsuit back
  9. I will also bring these to sell at the event for $30.00 for both.....If thats alright with everyone and if price is to high let me know i dont know how much they go for. I paid $40.00 for them used and only used them 2 times they are in good shape TY....
  10. Larry im in no matter what if i cant come up with the funds i will be the weigh master cuse i will be there no matter what to show respect to all the anglers and to cheer them on.....
  11. Ive always order from BCT and never no prob. but again im a prepaid card holder.It is weird that its only Carpers getting hit.....
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