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  1. On 1/1/2022 at 5:38 PM, Ken said:

    After a rainy morning I got my gear together and headed out in dead calm, 54 degree weather.  Unheard of around here on January first.  Nothing is frozen around here either, also unheard of.  Not giving myself much of a chance of success due to prior January experiences, I didn't mix up any pack, just taking bread and sweet corn for bait.  It took an hour and a half, but I had a run on bread that resulted in a 3lb-15oz common.  That little fish made me quite happy.  That makes me "blankless" for 2022 (haha), a trend that I hope will continue through the new year.  I also had a short beep on sweet corn.  Now I wish I had mixed up some pack bait.

    Only 999 to go! Good fishing!

  2. Depends on where you got the fish and how they are prepared. The custodian at our college said that carp fed his family during the Depression. The kids would catch them out of the local creeks, put them in a spring-fed horse trough for 10-14 days to get rid of the mud taste. He also said that you have to make sure you removed what he called the mud vein or it would ruin the taste. I'm thinking this is the vein that runs along the spine. Don't anything out of the rivers in Tennessee. The TWRA has two pages of warnings due to chemical pollutants.

  3. Thanks, Ken. I saw one several years ago while helping the state stock brown trout in a local tailwater. The bird dipped down, caught a small trout and flipped it up on the bank. Then he hopped up on the bank and maneuvered the fish so he could swallow it headfirst. Never forgot that scene.

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