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  1. Good afternoon! Needing to contact John Hooper to check on a venue in East Tennessee. He and his daughter, Cheyenne, attended my fish-in on July, 2019. Also, is a member list available to me as Tennessee chair? Anticipating a fish-in in about September. Your help is appreciated. Reply when convenient. Tight lines and screaming alarms!

  2. Good idea. I have an idea that would work. Need to look for photos from the past.
  3. Not yet but I checked my address and it is OK. My father always said anticipation is greater than realization. Looking forward to the issue and pin. Thanks, CAG!
    Woke up at 3:30 this morning and decided to check emails. This one was most welcome! The design and layout are outstanding. Thanks to our editor and to all who contributed to the newsletter. Keep up the good work. Proud to be a part of CAG!
  4. Brad, if you could bring some kind of snacks as cookies, etc. that would be welcome. Just make sure they are tolerant to heat. Supposed to be in the low 90s Friday and Saturday.

  5. In my haste to process an online order with Big Carp Tackle, my wife noticed that I left out the numbers on our shipping address. I tried to edit it but couldn't edit the order. I called BCT this morning and talked with Zach. He corrected the address and I just got an email that the order has been shipped. Looking at the invoice shows that the address has been corrected and I should get it in two or three days. I even have a link to track the order. Thanks, Zach! Now to catch some big carp!
  6. But then you miss a lot on the CAG FB page that isn't on the regular website. Hmmmmm. Heck if you do and heck of you don't.
  7. How do I prevent getting a bunch of email notifications from FB? All I do is delete them and look at them when I check the FB page for CAG. I have checked or unchecked boxes on my account but, so far, nothing has worked.
  8. Send Willem a PM. Give the info to him and he can change it. He did this for me.
  9. What is the deadline for submitting material for the magazine? I have some ideas for it. Just need to stir and bake for about an hour.
  10. Right on the words and numbers. Will try again. Thanks. Edit: I can click on any of the back issues and get the error message.
  11. I clicked on the 2012 Q4 NACA magazine and get a 404 error message. What's up?
  12. Got the answers I needed. Thanks for the reply, John. The website itself might not be secure but when you do a transaction, the group that handles the money transaction would be secure. I was told to look for the https prefix to the URL for verification.
  13. I found something disturbing this this morning. I had two sister websites that showed a lock with a red line through it. I took the computer to Staples and the techie said that the websites were not secure. He used the prefix of https:// with the website address. It came up that the websites were not secure. He advised not to use any personal information. I did this with about a dozen websites and the only one that was secure was my bank! Clicking on the small case "i" on the upper left showed CAG not to be secured. This bothers me as I am anticipating ordering some things fro the store. I'm reluctant to order anything now. Computer people and admins please address this issue. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for putting together an outstanding magazine. I have subscribed or purchased many magazines in my lifetime but yours was top notch! I always enjoyed reading it.....again and again.
  15. Mudhole no longer offers the carp rod blanks. That was my first place to look. There is a place that has some in inventory but I want someone who is going to keep offering them on an ongoing basis, not here today and then all gone. IMHO, on a carp rod or any long grip, the full grip isn't necessary. It can also be expensive when you put 24 or more half inch cork rings together. Plus you have to turn them in two pieces (unless you have a lathe with a long bed) then glue them up on the blank and sand to match. To put it into perspective, it takes me about 8-9 hours to build a basic fly rod which to me are the easiest to build.
  16. Well, two companies have discontinued carp rod blanks as there was no market for custom rods, either for the pro or the beginner. There might be a few floating around with some dealers but when they are gone, that is it!
  17. Just an update- I have a vendor checking into the availability of blanks for custom carp rods. Stay tuned.
  18. I have been contacting people regarding the inquiry from Brian Pearcy. One company I had in mind no longer offers carp rod blanks and another only offers factory built rods. I'm waiting to hear from another place who hopefully will offer a blank for custom building. I got a reply from England but the shipping and import fees would be astronomical unless one could justify buying a large number of blanks; shipping alone would be about 40 pounds British sterling. Jerome might be on to something in the shorter rods as there are a sackful of blanks that fall into the shorter range he mentions. One thing is checking the blanks to make sure that the specifications would be consistent with what the carping community uses or wants. There are a number of spinning and fly rods as spey or switch rods that are longer than the generally used rods. I'll keep the forum posted with what I find for Brian and possibly for other inquiries. Custom rods are a kind of ego thing- having a rod that is different than others. As I said, I have never built two rods alike. I know of builders that have built "twins" where requested for his and hers matched sets. I have a nine foot fly rod blank in a 5 wt. that I'm thinking of experimenting with and building to the spec's of a carping rod with spinning guides and reel seat.
  19. Brian, you probably won't see any carp rods there. I haven't seen any in 8 years. I think I'm the only one who would build them. PM sent.
  20. Thanks,Iain. It is more cost effective to build your own rod. It isn't rocket science. There are a ton of youtube videos and some of the component suppliers have their own videos, either online or with an order of components or kits. I do a building class at church as part of our Outdoor Ministry. The bamboo rod that got me started in this is used from time to time- 8 ft. 3 piece, D weight or equivalent to a 7 weight now. The letter shows how old it is- about 50 years old.
  21. Should have included this in my previous post but here is an example of what I'm talking about. As I stated, custom rods are unique- built to customer spec's and not the same, unless the customer requests a build of identical rods for "His & Hers" as has been done. I have never built two rods alike. Even the rods for my grandkids are different. Great eye candy for the fishing rod fanatic. Enjoy! http://www.rodbuildingforum.com/index.php?showforum=10
  22. Jeff, I understand what you are saying. All in all, the custom rod market is a very narrow market. My observation for the past 8 years is that people who buy custom rods want something that spends a lot of time in their hands, as bass anglers and fly anglers. However, one of the marks of a custom rod is that each one is built to the customer spec's and not like the monotonous look that we see on rods on the shelf in a shop or store where the brands are all alike. The possibilities for a custom rod are almost to the point of being infinite, that is, thousands of variables as to the thread, grips, reel seats and inserts, guides, etc. I'm in the process of building three casting rods for my granddaughters (outfitted with a Zebco 202 reel for now). The blanks are pink and the guides are the same but the grip and thread wraps will be different on each rod. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good carping!
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