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  1. One must start somewhere. My wife wishes, after looking at my carp gear, that I was still starting! Many thanks for the photos and the kind words about Phone. Curious, anyone know how he got his "name?"
  2. There are only two FB pages that I look at. This one and one connected to a local photography club. I was told to get on FB several years ago by a member of a club I was affiliated with. First FB view was the wife of a member who said she was going to the grocery store. Who cares?
  3. Keep us posted on Phone's status. I would like know what he has forgotten about carp fishing.
  4. It's a bit far to drive for a fish-in. Curious- are there similar groups in the UK? Cheers.
  5. Good afternoon! Needing to contact John Hooper to check on a venue in East Tennessee. He and his daughter, Cheyenne, attended my fish-in on July, 2019. Also, is a member list available to me as Tennessee chair? Anticipating a fish-in in about September. Your help is appreciated. Reply when convenient. Tight lines and screaming alarms!

  6. Good point for protection of common carp. A parallel fact is for alligator gar.
  7. Best wishes for Phone and the family. Chemo isn't fun, to say the least.
  8. WTG! Best to our neighbors in Canada! This is an indication that the common carp is being accepted as a game fish. Wish the states here would do likewise.
  9. Flatten the barb. This makes it much easier to remove the hook. Been doing this for years. Over stressed stripers release a lot of lactic acid, if I recall, that can lead to the demise of the fish.
  10. Other fish have been caught on boilies and field corn. The hook regulation just doesn't make a bit of sense to me. Only fished the South Shore of LI one time with my uncle. We used bloodworms. BTW, we blanked that day. It was preparation for carp fishing.
  11. Interesting and confusing. How do they know if I'm fishing the Hudson River for catfish or another species and use a regular hook? I could put s sign on the line- No striped bass allowed.
  12. Or let them reel one in when the rod tip dances or the alarm screams.
  13. I think that you will find that very, very few people deliberately fish for carp. In the past, the only carp caught was by people fishing for something else, mainly catfish. If there are catfish and bluegill, you should find carp. We find this at my local venue all the time. Put out some bait, if legal, and fish. Start a trend and catch carp!
  14. Tennessee River. Just look for open bank space. Check local regulations as to overnight fishing, etc. Good luck.
  15. Good idea. I have an idea that would work. Need to look for photos from the past.
  16. Had a good one! Kids and grandkids are all local except for our oldest grandson and his wife. They are roughing it in Puerto Rico. He plays pro baseball and is there through January.
  17. Congratulations looking forward to seeing photos and news of activities of the group. Very familiar with central Ohio- Shadeville (house is gone) and Grove City.
  18. Will do. Photo link isn't working for me. Any way what it can be available to forward to the commissioners? They would be the best people to contact to start. Link for contact info for the commissioners who have a big part in setting regulations. https://www.tn.gov/twra/tennessee-fish-wildlife-commission#meet
  19. DY, two things disqualify me for the bed and bath- not attending and not respectable. I'm sure someone will take your generous offer.
  20. Tennessee Fish-In I will be hosting a fish-in at the Lenoir City Park on Fort Loudon Lake, Saturday, May 4th. Access to the park is east on US 321 either from US 11 or I-75, Exit 81. Turn left off US 321 and go behind the marina and you will see the pavilion, boat ramp, and restrooms (Hooray!). We will set up in the open area there. Let me know if you will be fishing as I will have a hot dog or cold cuts lunch on Saturday. Some will come up on Friday and fish. See you there! Keep watch here and the CAG Facebook page for any changes due to weather, etc.
  21. A big thank you to Willem for taking this hiccup and getting us going!👍
  22. Not yet but I checked my address and it is OK. My father always said anticipation is greater than realization. Looking forward to the issue and pin. Thanks, CAG!
    Woke up at 3:30 this morning and decided to check emails. This one was most welcome! The design and layout are outstanding. Thanks to our editor and to all who contributed to the newsletter. Keep up the good work. Proud to be a part of CAG!
  23. Good ideas for the event. I hope to sign up and get my name somewhere on the entries list. I feel that east Tennessee has some potential for some big carp.
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