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  1. I have a Canon SX530 HD that I use for submitting photos to publications. Doesn't have raw but publications I work with will accept jpeg or RAW. A friend who is a photographer and editor say editors will tweak the photos to their liking. He said not to bother with PS. He recommended an upgrade that has two lenses that give more flexibility, especially with telephoto shots at 300 mm. Can't remember the model. I bought a book at Books-A-Million, Digital Photography for Dummies. I have read it twice and still review parts on depth of field, etc. Highly recommend it!

  2. Regrettably, Tennessee recognizes records for rod & reel and other methods as BFing, net, gigging, etc. They are two separate categories. Go to www.tnwildlife.org then to fishing for the complete fishing records which are at the back of the regulations.

  3. Tyler0420, thanks.  State record on rod & reel is 62-7; sadly the bowfishing "record" is 68-8.?

    I was a surprise when I netted it. My venue has a decent population of carp and buffs. Even managed to land two mirrors!


  4. Here's my take on this- drag too tight, trying to "horse" fish to the bank, lightly hooked in lips. What rig are you using? Hair rig? Bait in hook? Others more experienced will contribute here. Losing fish does allow for one to expand on the bankside vocabulary. ?

  5. Welcome! I have both types of reels. For carp, I use a bait runner for about 90% of the time. I have some light spinning rods with 6 lb. line that I use because I know that the carp won't be real big at one venue. Of course, there are always surprises. I recommend a bait runner if the budget will allow.  Now...what brand? You will get all kinds of answers.

  6. Lil Bird, I remember Jerry and the barber walking along the Olentangy River with Jerry's weinie dog having a good time, skipping ahead of the guys. I recall that, at the time, that someone would actually fish for carp. Will look at the link. Thanks.

    Our farm is gone; was on the SE corner of US 23 and OH 665. The dairy was on my uncle's farm which is now horse barns for the racetrack.

  7. My local venue has common carp and SM buffs. They are caught on the same rigs, whether a hair rig or feeder cage setup. Recently, a friend fished there and caught 15 buffs to one carp. Later this year, it will be the reverse. Hard to separate them if they are both in the same place, IMHO. It was discovered that buffs are very light on the baits. Line movement is a straighten-tighten-slack without setting off an alarm. Rarely will one take off and set the alarm screaming. As a result, we set the hook when the line straightens. Our hookup rate went up tremendously. We don't care if it's a buff or carp, they are fun to catch and more funner to release to grow.?

  8. Put a plastic pipe in the water with no holes or food. Algae will grow on the pipe. This attracts minnows and other critters. Then the predatory fish will come around. Farmers in KY used to toss a square bale of hay in their ponds to do the same thing. The same thing is done with junk cars and concrete in saltwater.


  9. I'll join you in welcoming John Castellese!  Looking for photos of giant fish from y'all.

    I have a digital camera and love it. Looking to upgrade to one with interchangeable lenses. I download the photos to my laptop and can view them on the screen. Have several hundred photos. Part of the fun is experimenting along with reading the manual and a book by a professional photographer/teacher. BTW,  I have a Canon T-70; was told it was worth absolutely nothing. Retired photographer said he had some film cameras that he couldn't give away.


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