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  1. **Fox Tackle - Orders for 2016** Big Carp Tackle will be placing an order for larger Fox Items in January and will be offering a 10% pre-order discount. This involves a 50% down payment and then paying the remaining 40% once the tackle arrives. If you are looking to order rods, bivvies, barrows, carp care tackle, boats, bedchairs or other large items please email me (deanabrookes@yahoo.co.uk) to place your order or ask questions.
  2. It is common practice for the manufacturer to have the customer go through the vendor. If the vendor does not help you then you contact the manufacturer directly. Fox have an excellent customer service department and stand behind their products but as soon as someone else tried to 'fix' the alarm the warranty was void so I'm surprised this was the course of action taken.
  3. Congratulations and a great choice
  4. As I've had a few inquires I though I would give you all an update on the last NACA of 2015. The BOD voted to have 1 printed NACA each year and this will be our Christmas Edition. I have already lined up our printers and mailing house and have my timelines in place so we can get the printed edition out to you all in December. As the printed edition is only 64 pages (previous issues have been 48 pages) the content will be limited. I already have some exciting 'guest' articles and other content lined up but would be happy to look at any articles our members send in. As well as the printed edition (which will only go to CAG Members) we will then release a 'supplemental' Edition which will include the printed material as well as other content to get us to our 120-140 page target. This will be released 2-3 weeks after our members have received their printed copy. I would love CAG members to send me in their catch shots as well so I have a number to choose from for the cover shot. To be considered for the cover, the picture needs to follow the criteria below: A well framed shot of digital quality If it is a trophy shot, carp care practices need to be followed (water shot, over a mat, not standing up with the fish etc) The picture needs to be exclusive! I will not put a picture on the cover that has already been released and displayed elsewhere. The picture needs to come from a CAG member or a featured 'guest' contributor. Timelines for the Printed Edition will be a deadline of November 1st. Please send any pictures or articles to naca@carpanglersgroup.com Thanks, Dean
  5. https://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/2015q3naca/1?e=0
  6. Not sure why, the links are working as far as I can see. If anyone else has this problem, please let me know.
  7. **2015 NACA Q3 - OUT NOW** The latest edition of North American Carp Angler is now live. At just under 140 pages there is plenty to read and see. Click on the link and enjoy: http://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/2015q3naca The PDF version will also be available very soon if you do not have access to the online version.
  8. NACA Q3 is currently being put together and will hopefully be live for September 1st. We have plenty of CAG News, reports and Tournament information as well as several quality articles. At the moment I have very few CAG member pics. If you would like to send me a recent picture; scenic or carp capture, please get them to me by the end of the week (Friday August 28th). You can email them to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  9. Lee, I have articles lined up for those 3 topics (zigs, float fishing and stalking) however please submit an article and if I have space I'll use it in the Edition, and if not then I will just bump it to a future Edition. We'd also love a future article on the World Carp Championship's. August did one last time, but would love to get another one once the event has finished. Dean
  10. As alway's I'm looking for CAG Members to send their catch pictures, reports and articles to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com The next issue will go live in early September and the deadline is August 15th. My focus for Q3 is to feature different ways to catch carp. Hopefully, I'll be featuring: Euro style Float fishing Stalking Fly fishing Zig fishing Surface fishing Paylake style If anyone would like to contribute on a certain style of fishing please feel free to reach out to me or send across an article. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks John, although I do think you might have a 'coffee' problem!!! I was aiming for 120-140 pages and had to cut some content to keep it at 150 pages so although I would like more member content I am certainly not having a problem getting contributions. Already working on the next edition
  12. Well, it's here faster than I promised which is in large part due to Sal Castanedo's diligent work. We came in at exactly 150 pages so it's another bumper edition. Remember, it's your magazine so the more content you send me the more I will include. As for the cover picture, I'm sure they'll be the same comments that's it's not a US angler!! However, I can only choose from the best pictures that are sent to me and I will not put a picture on the cover that has already been posted all over social media. This ruled out a couple of the pictures straight away and I also had to pull one article that was sent to me for publication and then featured in another magazine!! Any how, hope you enjoy the content and please feel free to post and share as the more eyes we get on the magazine, the more potential CAG members. The links and PDF file will also be posted on the site at a later date. 2015 Spring Addition NACA
  13. Coming sooner than we thought Hopefully we'll be live today or tomorrow!!
  14. We are currently in the editing stage of NACA Q2. Hopefully, we will have a release date next week but to give you some idea of what will be included we have: ATC - Article and News CAG Member Articles Carp Conservation Corner - Articles from 3 CAG Members Angling Times Carp Angler of the Year - Harry Charrington River Ebro Article - Nick Shattock Carp Cast (new carp podcast, taking the scene by storm) - Mark Watson Plus a few more interesting articles and pictures.
  15. While the newsletter may have been proposed a year ago, it is only recently Skeet stepped up to take the lead on it. Without someone volunteering then ideas don't go anywhere, no matter how great. Ed, I know you already volunteer your time generously as a State Chair and no one expects you to be devoting more time to this project but until Skeet stepped up it was just an idea. That's why it never went anywhere. As I mentioned, Skeet has stated he wanted to use printers close to his location so as he's leading it's his choice who to garner quotes from. If he requests the printers we have used for NACA we can definitely get them across. I'm glad Skeet stepped up and I hope a few others will help him get this up and running.
  16. Not sure why you need all the ??????????? Ed. Skeet is welcome to the information on the printers that are used for NACA. As I have not completed a printed edition before I have yet to work with them, but according to Andy they are very good. From the comments Skeet has made, I was under the impression that he was securing quotes from local printers....."My concern working with a "long distance" supplier/vendor is the communication factor. Each of the printers I have contacted is within 8 minutes drive from my house." There's no conspiracy at work here. If Skeet wants the NACA printers details I will forward them across. Like everyone else we all have 'real' jobs and most of the times if things are missed it's not intentional. I was under the impression Skeet wanted to stay local and thus I did not send the printer details across!!
  17. NACA Q3 Deadline will be: August 15th - Deadline for content September 1st - Publishing date Obviously, these dates tend to move slightly but I am trying to stick with the current timeline for each edition: Q1 - Feb 1st (content deadline) March 1st (publishing date) Q2 - April 15th (content deadline) May 1st (publishing date) - WILL MOVE TO May 15th and June 1st in 2016 Q3 - August 15th (content deadline) September 1st (publishing date) Q4 - November 1st (content deadline) December 15th (publishing date) - PRINTED EDITION
  18. I can see if Willem can pin the deadline dates onto the NACA Section. FYI I have included deadline dates for the past and upcoming NACA in several threads and also the email address to mail: naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  19. From what I understand on the status of the newsletter we are currently waiting for all of the updated quotes, which will then be presented to the BOD for a vote. I don't think anyone on the BOD is opposed to a newsletter, in fact quite the opposite. If we have one or two active members working on it I'm sure it will be a success and serve a valuable purpose. What we will decide as a BOD is if it is an effective use of CAG funds based on the prices we get back. The cost considerations are the reason NACA went online, although we will be doing a printed Edition at the end of the year. Hopefully, the Newsletter will be able to engage members and update everyone on CAG events and news. At the moment the content I receive for NACA from CAG Members is very small, but as I am used to procuring content on my own it is not a problem as I have more than enough material for each NACA. I still encourage ALL CAG members to send me articles and pictures
  20. Last chance for anyone wanting to send in articles, pictures or anything else for the next Edition of NACA. So far I have had NO MEMBER CONTENT sent to me, apart from the ones I have solicited myself. I will starting to put together all of the content for publishing and the current deadline is APRIL 15th. Remember, if you want CAG members to be featured more in the NACA magazine you need to send it to me!! Please send it to naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  21. I will be highlighting the ATC in the next NACA Edition. Rather than just having an article from the winners I would like to feature more of the anglers and get any interesting stories and pictures you have. With that in mind, please send me any pictures and if you fished information on your experience. It doesn't have to be an article, maybe a brief synopsis of your time in Austin. The more information I get the greater the exposure I can give to the ATC. All pictures and information can be sent to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  22. After some issues with download speeds and in an attempt to also get more exposure for both NACA and CAG we have moved to a new hosting platform. The added benefits are a better reader, social media tools and also the option for individuals to order their own prints of the magazine. Please check the links out to the last two editions at: http://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/2014_q3_naca http://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/2015_q1_naca
  23. I'll be running the tests on a couple of occasions with different 'guests'.
  24. Hope everyone liked the most recent NACA. We now have a new segment called "Around the Globe" where we feature articles from different areas of the world and we would love to see this continue. If we have any World wide members please send me articles and pictures detailing the area of the world you are fishing. It was great to have Marcus Tackley detail his trip up to Canada and a really interesting read from Chris Ward over in Australia. Carp fishing really is global so hopefully we'll get some interesting content for future editions. I am also adding a section called "Around the USA" which will feature different areas of the country. I'm hoping to highlight Texas fishing in the next issue but again, if anyone has good content please send it across to naca@carpanglersgroup.com Personally, I plan on finishing up my Boilie Articles in the next edition and then I am starting a 'Technical' section where I am going to dispel some of the myths lots of us still believe and also put tackle, rigs and bait to the test. First up is a feature on rods. I see lots of threads and videos doing the rounds with all sorts of claims regarding distances people can cast. In this first article I am going to take several rods in the same bracket (12ft 3-3.25lb Test Curve) and put them through 3-4 simple tests to see how they stack up. All tests will be recorded and documented and I'll keep them as simple as possible so they are applicable to the average angler. With that said I am attempting to get 6-10 rods together to test. I already have Fox, Saxon and Century covered and I am looking at getting a few other major brands on board as well as a few of our US manufacturers. If you have a rod you want tested or have a test you would like to see performed please let me know. Finally, I would love to have US based anglers on the cover of NACA, but it really does depend on you guys sending me quality pictures. Once the water warms up, please get out there, catch some lumps and send the pictures my way. Have a great winter. Dean
  25. Thanks for the updates. Good to know if the links are not working. Hopefully, we will be moving to a much more user friendly platform in the near future.
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