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  1. Good luck to all I'll be fishing the weekdays before I might stay longer than 72 hours to see everyone !
  2. I'd like to say that I had lots of fun in Saginaw this Saturday and it was great to see all the guys and get some practice in before regionals. Loved how the river fished and glad to see how many bay fish were moving in to the river. Had a great time despite snapping a rod lol. See you guys back in Saginaw for the regionals !! Biggest fish for me was a 20 pound 8 oz common ( bay fish ) followed by some more low, mid, and a few high teens!
  3. Awesome nice fish, glad to see sterling producing this early already, keep it up !!
  4. Brian should have came out with me today and blank at a new spot lol ! And just saw it was on a Sunday ill definatly be able to go !
  5. Thanks and ill be trying since haven't been able to for the past two years !!
  6. As long as I can get the day off work I will come ! Just depends on if my boss desides to make that day mandatory or not but if not I will be there !
  7. I'll be calling soon for the hotel you just mentioned, 69 bucks a night ain't bad so it sounds like a deal to me !
  8. Good luck in Lansing Daniel !! Was really looking forward to belle isle and seeing all you guys I don't normally see :/ hope the next fish in goes as planned and nothin happens and you can already put my name on the list to come to the next one !
  9. Lansing would be a definite no for me
  10. If its the same or close to the same distance as belle isle then I'm in... Where abouts in Lansing ?
  11. Ford lake, ecorse spot Detroit river ( will be harder ) I guess that's it that I could suggest that could possibly be enjoyable you no I'm up for anything Daniel so in in what ever way we go
  12. Welcome !! Hope you enjoy everything !
  13. k17evans

    My new PB !

    Ohhhhh !!! Ok lol I totally forgot
  14. k17evans

    My new PB !

    Brian I didn't even no u caught a 25 too lol until Austin told me !
  15. I will bring some chips a couple different flavors for everyone's taste (:
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