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  1. I stand behind James Sanders as CAG state chair. I feel that he is the perfect fit. His passion for carp angling amd teaching others about it is second to none. I guarantee he would represent CAG and all it stands for. So he has my vote!
  2. I am looking at purchasing a nash peg one combi mat. I was wondering if any of you have or have used one. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks and tight lines.
  3. This was my first CAG social. I must say Derek did a wonderful job on putting this thing together. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to the next one! Tight lines to you all.
  4. Very cool! The guy is a bit of a character.
  5. I would agree with the use of sweet corn. But I also like to use either liquidized bread or a panko bread crumb pack bait. With sweet corn on a hair. That is what has produced for me in the cold water. Good luck and tight lines!
  6. Great read! Can't wait for part 2.
  7. Some of this thread is amusing as it is informative. It is my opinion that some are taking things personally. I am a relatively new carper and been a member of CAG for a year now. I joined because I was told that this group was filled with many anglers of different skill levels willing to share and help out in any way. While promoting our sport and good carp care through catch and release. I have learned a ton from many of the members euro anvd paylakers. But have had to wade through some crap to get info and help as well. I hope we don't lose site why we're all members here. There are many ways to go about catching. And if you methods work then use them. If you like to experiment with all the different way to catch then do so. I see no wrong way as long as it catches carp. Tight lines to you all!
  8. Cnc,tumble deburr. Those would be a fancy piece of tackle. May be a little pricey thoe. My shop offers laser cutting. Also could plasma spray a tungsten coating on them to make them more wear resistant.
  9. I find this thread more exciting than NASCAR. Never understood the all the left hand turns. Lol
  10. Brian's videos are very informative and helpfull. I have learned so muh from these videos. He breaks it all down to its simplest form. So anyone can take what tjey learn to the bank. I wolud also agree, learn to tie your own. When you land fish on a rig you made, its a very satisfying feeling. Tight lines!
  11. I think the only thing that this thread teaches new carp anglers is to mind their P's and Q's about what they decide to call their method/pack. Still confused On the bank Lol Jeremy
  12. As long as it hauls them in its all good. Use what catches.
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