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  1. Can't imagine being a kid and feeling a fish like that pull. As an adult I am anxious enough already haha. What an awesome time. Congrats you two!
  2. Kinda renews my confidence after three straight blanks. Good read man. Those fish are both colorful and beautiful bro. I'd be stoked for sure.
  3. Hey PMK, you happen to know anything about any of the other bodies in the area I posted in the NOVA thread in here? Just trying to find some options locally I can give a go for shorter sessions.
  4. I'm no expert at playing guess the carp, but I'd put it in the 19 - 22 range based on what I've caught. I'm likely off though and will leave this one to the experts.
  5. Has anyone fished here? Lots of different bank access at all the marinas, state park, etc. I have seen the owners of Anna Point hand feed common carp during the summer months at their docks, so I know they are around. It's a huge impoundment, just wondering if it would be worth the 45 minute to hour long drive if a bunch of friends and I considered doing a day (possibly camping trip) here to try and get our hands on some. If so, can anyone recommend a good camp ground that we could throw a tent up on and have water access with? Thanks all.
  6. This one had a rough spawn. It's scales were beat to a pulp and it's top fin was damaged as well. I am attributing it to that as I know the spawn was the last two weeks here and all fish seemed to be post. But, I'm not an expert or anything so that can be for everyone else to judge. Either way, I was easy with the fish and got it back in the water quickly.
  7. Went with my buddies Andy and Donny to try out the Occoquan Reservoir and braved 20 - 30mph winds all day. It paid off as we definitely hooked into some, but only one mirror showed up and got beached on a shallow bar on the way in, spitting my hook. Looked to easily beat my PB and guestimated it at a minimum of 13 but possibly 15 based on the fight and what we saw when it surfaced. The bar proved to be a challenge as they were all hanging on the other side (backside) of it near a tapering trough near the channel. We hooked two that got off during the fight because of it, but the last one I
  8. Fishing a relatively calm spot in a local reservoir tomorrow. The contour can be seen here: 38.742862,-77.38797 - Google Maps It's called Bull Run Marina. Anyway, I'll be fishing the right hand side of the ramp where the island and cove are. The issue is, there will be winds up to 20mph tomorrow at times gradually getting worse until peak at 2pm. The current normally isn't too strong in this part of the Occoquan, but between the wind and some thunderstorms (scattered) coming through tonight, I'm curious as to what approach you all would think is best as far as simple common rigs and tacti
  9. Dang man, good idea. Time to go by a bic Lol.
  10. Wow, it's that easy lol. I knew the rig was easy enough, essentially snelling a bit and leaving over hang. And the over hand knot is simple for the hair portion. I was just like how the heck does the bait stop stay in place??? NOW I get it. Thanks man, I was watching all the wrong videos! What do you guys use thats laying around for bait stops? I imagine a stick would work just fine if you get a strong enough one?
  11. Dale, I do not have permission to view that thread as I am not a member.
  12. Hey fellas, Gonna tie up a hair rig for the first time tomorrow. Got a needle in my tackle box so I can thread my corn onto it, or doughball or what have you. My question is, how do these bait stops work to hold the bait in place? I will be at Dick's Sporting Goods tonight helping another buddy of mine, who is starting to learn to fish, find a basic all-purpose combo to get started with. While I am there I want to see if I can get my hands on anything that will work as a bait stop. How do you put these on once the bait is on the hair? It seems like these guys do it instantaneously on th
  13. jdefreitas

    Lake Rowena?

    Is it one of those reservoirs? Good shore access? Similar size? I would be down for something like that. As long as it's like within' a 10 mile radius, I'm good.
  14. jdefreitas

    Lake Rowena?

    Oh wow, so that's a bit steep. Don't know if the wife is gonna allow me to swing that or not... Not even sure how I'd be able to give an excuse for that. Lol. Be one thing is a 30 + or 40+ was swimming around in there, but for what I'm seeing I doubt she's going to go for it. Will have to find a way to breach that discussion haha.
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