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  1. Yes but they charged me already. I see the transaction in Paypal. Also, if that were the case, I should STILL be able to post in that thread. It is not restricted as far as I know. The Tackle Trading section however IS restricted. But I can post there. That's what makes it so confusing. Who do I talk to? Transaction Details Subscription Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 3FS87107GT0178028) See related S-49U759514F620820A You can see all of your recurring payments on the My preapproved payments. Original Transaction Date Type Status Details Amount Nov 5, 2014 Payment To Carp Anglers Group LTD Completed ... -$25.00 USD
  2. And why does it say 'Forum Guest' under my picture, when i am member? Any help?
  3. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/54448-sign-up-nov-8-autumn-colors-tournaments-joliet-il/page-4 I see a big message on top of the thread 'YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST HERE'. I've been posting there many times in the last year. I am also a premium member and can post even in the Tackle Trading section. I can obviously post here too.
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