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    My carp fox river carp fishing..
  2. nice to be able to park next to your tackle. what town is that?
  3. Looks like it wasnt too bad after all, quite a few fish caught. Congrats to the winners! I couldn't make it yesterday but went for a few hours today and had a blast. No current, clear water, and the fish were lined up and would get a run within 5 mins. It was a feeding frenzy. However everything was quite small, only one 7 or 8 lbs and most of them safely under 5. Also caught some of those white ones.. forgot how you call them, we call them karakuda in bulgaria. We hate them. They have tons of bones, grow no bigger than 2-3 lbs, and don't fight at all. Totally different specie than carp, not sure why its called carp here..
  4. Yes but they charged me already. I see the transaction in Paypal. Also, if that were the case, I should STILL be able to post in that thread. It is not restricted as far as I know. The Tackle Trading section however IS restricted. But I can post there. That's what makes it so confusing. Who do I talk to? Transaction Details Subscription Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 3FS87107GT0178028) See related S-49U759514F620820A You can see all of your recurring payments on the My preapproved payments. Original Transaction Date Type Status Details Amount Nov 5, 2014 Payment To Carp Anglers Group LTD Completed ... -$25.00 USD
  5. And why does it say 'Forum Guest' under my picture, when i am member? Any help?
  6. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/54448-sign-up-nov-8-autumn-colors-tournaments-joliet-il/page-4 I see a big message on top of the thread 'YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST HERE'. I've been posting there many times in the last year. I am also a premium member and can post even in the Tackle Trading section. I can obviously post here too.
  7. it was a lot of rain, its been raining 2 days on and off, but last 12 hours non stop. Still, not gona lie to you, i am seriously disapointed this can happen to Delkim.
  8. wow! this 41 looks HUGE, and looks in great health! This fish can put on another 15 lbs easy! Congratulations man! I have 3 41 pounders from that lake. WOndering why its never 42. I had 7 fish wednesday and 1 thursday, 24 lb the biggest. Got 3 small catfish too. Put the catfish on a rope in the water, and got a 40 inch muskee grab one of them and get stuck and can't let it go. Gona put the vid later.
  9. I quit early. My brand new Delkims started malfunctioning from the rain. Lets see what I can do now.
  10. Any fish so far? Looks like u will be joining late too
  11. i will be there some time Wednesday too. Not sure how long I will last.
  12. what do u mean by bivvy? Something like the picture above? My JRC wont be here on time. I have a small tent from nonfishing brand. Can I set this by the bank or what are my options?
  13. You can count me in for sure. Will see how long I will last
  14. well I just took those 3 days off. I still need to figure a few things but I feel like im 90% in.
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