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  1. That ought'a shut her up... The wife has been bugging me to empty my car from all the fishing rods and landing nets, tackle boxes, buckets, float tube, wading shoes, bibs etc etc... It almost got to this point again:
  2. Brown trout, my friend, just spawn attire, there has not been a rainbow stocked in decades. bit.ly/troutfishy
  3. Another quickie morning at Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
  4. Tied in with a couple today - small nymph beautiful colors:
  5. Absolutely, Jake, as you can see from the vids A Grass Carp can burn your flyreel easy peasy lol
  6. The Koi is in the first moments of the first video among a pod of commons and then "later" I show him chasing a common that I caught. As I explained in the descriptions I am hoping to catch one. Haven't had that joy in Wisconsin yet. Got yelled at at the Polynesian cultural center for tying in with a twenty-plus fish in their rowing canal, though...
  7. I have been scouting these miracle fish since the summer. Today I grabbed my 9# and my 6# respectively with a Chartreuse Clouser Minnow (in hopes for pike and walleyes) shown in the video below and an egg sucking leech just in case the Carp would cooperate. I managed to get him to cruise a foot off course to just bump my fly, but a commoner even slurped and spit it out... I really wish I'd get a chance to bring one to hand one of these days... A Koi since I've had my share of Carp on the Fly
  8. October and November are so much fun in Wisconsin
  9. Thank you, Franky, I am really much more in love with fly fishing for them, but this much fun is not to pass...
  10. Day Profile: Bright, Clear, Sunny & 70F Anglers: AK & Lyubaka | Bait: FatHead Minnows Bobber Fishing 4-6' Deep in 20-30 FOW Rod: Cabela's 12' Crappie Graphite Reel Cabela's Guide Pro #10 6# Seaguar FluoroCarbon #6 Sickle Hook Lake Hoppin' Baits Custom Jighead
  11. Got this bad boy Walleye fishing, during the fall River'S Edge contest.
  12. Some of the best Fishing to be had... Carp on the fly is my obsession, I really wish to tie in with the Koi's I've seen...
  13. He so deserves this!!! "Just giving you a little perspective: 1. This pair of Anglers was one of the few at the World Carp Championship to record a "perfect score"; during the 72 hours they landed 21 Carp from 21 runs. Contrast that with former Bronze Medallists at the next peg, who landed just 3 fish... 2. All B section pairs had the same color tabards, and it was noticeable that many fish bolted when they first saw the anglers at the net, and just wouldn't come any closer after that. When you add in the other factors (bigger Carp, size 10 hook on a 10 lb BS finesse rig), then the actual netting process was always going to be tricky. The boys got the job done and the fish was landed, boosting them to 5th in B Section, 13th overall in 72 pairs, and Team USA 17th overall. 3. Probably didn't help that Captain and Vice Captain were watching, adding to the pressure of what was a "must catch" moment... )" Carp Squad USA
  14. Be careful what you wish for... I posted my Big Buffalo video and now it has 1.2M views and I got a visit from Yuri:
  15. Zara Puppy Walk The Dog Pond Bassin
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