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  1. I put an order for the Nash scale pouch at 9.30 AM on the 6 th & received it in this morning's mail at 9.30 AM. gotta love BCT! Thanks Jim!
  2. Uploaded image: Image URL posted:
  3. I just ordered form them a while ago & my order is in the mail already! Thanks Dennis! Top notch for sure!
  4. I was always able to post photos from Smugmug by clicking on the image icon & getting the box to put the photo I copied from Smugmug. I click on the image icon now & get the box to paste the pic but it does not work. It just freezes & I have to hit the back button to get back to the site. HELP!
  5. All good stories& congrats! There is always something funny or interesting along the shore line!
  6. Now that's funny! Never thought of that!
  7. I tried that & it didn't work. I read one of the posts here that said to hit the BBC code & that worked. I was trying to copy a video from you tube. For some reason posting photos & videos here is not working like it has in the past. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. While fishing a local lake & waiting for some action, I saw two mink pups feeding along the shoreline in front of me. I had just landed a few carp & their slime was heavy on my landing net that was laying near the water. One of the pups got into the net & I guess the odor of the carp attracted him. I guess he thought he was going to get a meal or maybe just having fun. He bit & tugged on the netting & I thought he would tear it up but after much effort no damage was done. I asked him what he was doing but he looked at me like I was the intruder. He stayed for a while & I had a good laugh watching him.
  9. When I try to insert an image or URL I get a box to paste it in but when I click OK, it does not work & goes no where.
  10. Just got my order this morning. No problems. Looks like they are having a very successful sale.
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