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  1. I just recently purchased some new jars for my glugs and prepared particles. Every thing I've tried has leaked...those jars look cool, but very similar to others that have leaked on me. I had glass jars, but they are too heavy and also break. Also peanut butter jars and some other food stuff jars, but they all leaked. And leaky tiger nut juice all over my bait bags and other jars is kind of a sticky nasty mess... Don't even get me started on leaky butyric acid glugs. I just bought some reagent bottles on ebay pretty cheap, 6 250ml 8.5oz screw top bottles that WILL NOT leak for $9.30 shi
  2. Have gone to a less particle approach and more pellet based approach to chumming...and chumming significantly less. In the summer i was using 2/5corn 2/5birdseed 1/5grits all boiled together...but around mid October it seemed to stop working. Had a friend suggest pellets, did some research and switched to calf manna aka calf starter pellets. Hauled first day fishing over it, second day of fishing over it and I nailed my best fish this year so far. Also, pretty amazing what little changes can mean to catch rates like glugging with a glycerine/curry slurry, or using things like citric a
  3. Those fish in that water body are crazy that way. The last couple I landed from there came from the margins, with my offering only about 5 feet off my rod tips. I would sit back from my rods in the brush, and as it got dark, If you were quiet and still, you would see the fish come swimming along the shorelines, especially if it was windy, feeding with their backs almost out of the water. Great footage! PS: I'm pretty sure those headlamps in the background were people I knew walleye fishing...
  4. Not accepted up here. I got sideways remarks every time I set up around the general populace. A_holes everywhere, its not limited to long island. We do have more carp water though...alot more...
  5. I dunno, you might run into bow fishers up here.
  6. Great fish and pics! Do you keep baiting the area between sessions?
  7. Austin, love the albright knot,but even better is the similar "crazy" alberto knot, in my experience its a little stronger than the albright and just as small and subtle. Its my go to knot for braid to flouro. Goes through guides and casts well to.
  8. Do you retie before every session? Mono does develop a slight kink when it says rigged on a rod for more than a few days. Braid is a great option if you are fishing weedy waters or places without a lot of sharp rocks like shale or zebra/quagga mussels.
  9. awesome! It doesn't get any better than the gleem in that kid's eye. Way to be steward to the sport!
  10. Great fish! Looking forward to a few over nighters myself coming up.
  11. nice fish! We also had a killer day on the same water, but up in the Albany area.
  12. My father decided he wanted to join us carp fishing this weekend. He wanted to fish somewhere that he could easily get out of the car and down to the spot (he doesn't walk so well). I convinced him to take a ride with me the day before we were to fish, to try to assess some spots for his access. After checking out a few spots where the bank was too steep or too rocky, we happened upon a nice grassy bank along a stream that I usually only fish in the spring for catfish bait (suckers). Assessing the situation, I saw some feeding bubbles and some some mud puffing off the bottom - sure carp
  13. Just wanted to introduce myself before I started to jump aboard any of the discussions. My name is Lance, I'm a multi-species angler from upstate NY, Albany area. I've been dabbeling in carp fishing on and off since I was a youngster. Decided to get back into the swing of things this spring, but my old carp tackle supplier is MIA; Krafty Katcher. Looks like plenty of great companies like K-1, Resistance Tackle, and BCT to take its place, though. Being from upstate NY, I get to take advantage of our tremendous fishing oppurtunities; Ice fishing, the great lakes, the Hudson, and even saltwa
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