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  1. I didn't use method or heavy feeding. 2-3lbs tiger and boilies after each catch. One more thing: I used beack leads so didn't have problem with the stream and weed and wind..
  2. So, There are no secrets. First of all I was lucky. As almost everyone wanted to fish at the sector end I wished it too and at the peg draw I picked 2 sector end pegs... Baits: tiger nut with robin red and krill boilies soaked in krill compound. I wanted to feed with quality and attractive baits. At the hook: snowman and single pop up. So it's like that...
  3. Hello Everyone, I wanted to let you know that I`m so happy about this group. I met nice people and got so many important information about carp angling in the US. As you know I`ve just started fishing here. I couldn`t have wished a better start.. Thank you Bob for organizing the tournament and thank you Tim assisting me and for the picture. We kept on angling on Sunday with Joe. We caught some more fish among a mirror that is told to be very rare in St Lawrence. Not a big one but beauty. So Thank u again and see you guys soon on the waterside
  4. Hi, can you tell me where exactly JC's River Run can be found? Google map gives me only a bowling club.. Thank you
  5. Hey guys, Have you checked the weather forecast yet? Don't leave your winter coat at home. ;-) This is going to be fun!
  6. Hi Bob, I'd have haddock for dinner. Thx. This is gonna be my very first time fishing in the USA and right off on the St. Lawrence River. Super excited. See you guys soon.
  7. Hi Bob, I`m Adam. Brand new for the group and brand new for the country. Just moved here from Europa. Just getting know about your community and I`m so interested about CCC. Can you tell me something more about the rules and schedules? What is not clear for examples: it will be held on the 12-13th september but early on you sad that no fishing on the pegs before saturday. So what`s going to happen on friday then? Will the tournament take only 1 day? Thank you
  8. Hi Everyone, This is my debut album. I'm Adam from Hungary And just moved to NY searching for new adventures.
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