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  1. Thanks?.... It's not a great picture because I was fishing alone, and the guy down the bank took the picture for me, but he couldn't get an understanding of how to work the flash on my iPhone
  2. I know, right, just 4 more ounces, Lol. I know there are probably some 30# plus fish in Lake Arlington. The lake record was 13.25 lbs for a common, but I've been baiting out and fishing this same spot for 2 years now, and it just keeps getting better. I started just using a rolling pin and a cutting board and a pizza cutter when making my pre-bait boilies.... Cutting rectangles/ squares/ triangles/ and hand rolling a few round ones to mix in. All different sizes, but everything pretty big, and it saves a lot of time. I still use my sausage gun and rolling trays for my hook baits. I bait this spot out at least 2 days a week because it's only about 10 minutes from the house. We will see what the rest of the season brings, but I have high hopes for a bigger fish there.
  3. Caught this one on a 20 mm Scopex boilie with the boilie and a single kernel of corn on the hair
  4. Glad to see y'all caught some nice fish, and glad the weather worked out. Sorry I missed it , but it looked really bad for the weather. I hope we do another one soon for all of us who missed out
  5. For sure... I game even if there are only a few of us. Please let me know of any potential plans ..... Rance
  6. I'm pretty flexible so I'm ready to go whenever it works out best for everyone..... Please keep us updated
  7. Sounds Great to me! I want to go back there and fish a few days. I fished the ATC, but it would be really nice to fish there in some warmer temperatures, LOL. It's only about a 3 1/2 hou drive for me.
  8. loop2loop


    Tank you!!!?
  9. loop2loop


    This is our first visit to Austin and our first carp tournament. I believe we are also first in line to draw for pegs either on day one or day two. Therefore, we have no knowledge to base a decision between pegs on. Can anyone advise us on what factors to consider when choosing between the two we draw?
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