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  1. Ever since aunts, uncles and all other sorts of relatives signed up for facebook, I signed out... that thing was cool... in 2008 That said, this place does seem a little abandoned at times, even though I'm also guilty myself of only checking in once every few months. For the first time this year I ordered some PVA bags, have all my stuff organized in a nice Daiwa backpack and itching to go check out the waters, but facing a similar issue as this forum i.e. lack of bodies - my best fishing pal moved to Ottawa and I prefer teamwork when fishing... even if it's in silence If anyone is going fishing this long weekend in the GTA area (Hamilton included) and needs company, you can PM me Tight lines! Aleks
  2. Hi Vali, I noticed that there's a tourney in couple if weeks - never fished Long Sault, but would be really interested to. Can you please let me know if there are still available spots? I'll talk to a friend of mine to possibly attend but will have to confirm with him as I'd be coming from Toronto while he is in Ottawa. Is the $50 fee per person or camping spot? Lastly, we are likely not be able to be there on the 4th, possibly 5th during the day for me and afternoon for him - would be it possible to be on the same spot? Thanks for letting me know Aleks
  3. I was thinking about the flat bottom feeder I have but you're right, it will still dig into the weeds, didn't think of that part good luck with the chod rig I'll look into my tackle box to see what's there
  4. Good stuff - I think I have some pre-tied ones, not scared to try new things either, as long as the carp comes! Thanks Les, good luck
  5. Mike, would it be wise to tie a chod with a pop-up at the bottom of a method feeder or it has to be further up the line to be above the weeds... or that will all depends on the height of the vegetation I had similar issues last summer at the bottom of TT park - every retreive came out with a giant ball of weeds and even though you could see fish they weren't taking any bait, probably because you could hardly get to the bottom
  6. Thanks for the update Les, will try another spot
  7. there was small green caterpillars on the trees above me that i saw falling in the water and i believe i saw a few pop ups that looked like carp - more like a slurp rather than a splash. i also saw some small minnows jumping out of the water, which i'm guessing why other anglers had small lures and worm on bobbers... didn't see any bites down the shore though funny enough i have a hybrid fly rod, i'd have to start bringing it with the rest of the carp tackle (my excuse of carrying less) good point thanks!
  8. thanks Mike, my setup is pretty basic, but I hope enough to score in the twenties and set a new pb as it's been a while. I only need a landing mat and a good chair, but carpkit can sort this out. I didn't have enough time to fish last year, but I hope to make it up this summer - really want to make it to Hamilton and later in the summer to the Saint Lawrence
  9. Finally managed to find some free time and open the 2016 season. After I received some new items, I headed down to Port Credit on Saturday to see if it will be a lucky start. Weather was great, there was a few people casting worms on bobbers next to me and albeit you could see fish going for the bugs falling from the trees there was no bites for the 5 hours I spent there. I think my next target will be Marie Curtis park, hopefully with better luck. I have armed myself with some devilbaits huge tutti frutti corn and boilies, the fox impact spod seems to be working well. Tight lines and have a good weekend!
  10. it did put a proper fight but not what we were looking for... on the other hand, we did better than all the salmon anglers, so all in all it was an OK night
  11. Tried the port credit again last week after work, but alas carpless again... I was with a friend and we decided to split strategies by having one rod on float and worms and one on a hair rig and corn. After midnight the float/worm produced a few cats, with me pulling out the largest one while my buddy went to the WC. It's a bit strange how the catfish rod has been catching cats only on our last few outings... now if only the carp rod start paying its dues
  12. by the way the guy that caught the only fish told me that he spoke to another angler who was fishing the Bayfront park for bass with a boat and he apparently saw massive pods of carp in the shallows there... maybe it's worth checking, bot sure if the algae is pushing them there, sounds weird to me for the fish to be in the shallows on a hot day like it was... though it was quite windy
  13. that's exactly where he landed his fish. there was another gentleman casting there too, so we didnt wanted to crowd that party.... next time for sure! the spot we were at was very weedy
  14. yes, just below the wodden dock off the parking lot... but we just left with other people's litter (that was all the catch this weekend)
  15. it was that thread that inspired me to go check it out.. i stood on the float bridge there for a while looking in the water for fish but i think it was too warm as you couldnt even see the minnows around. spoke to one guy there and he said he caught a nice size pike the day before there. the spot looks very promising indeed, but the 6km walk to and back is a bit discouraging.... we did a short afternoon trip to CCIW yesterday from 4pm to midnight but nothing apart 3 cat fish (largest was around 2lb) on worms one angler got a nice size fish on a hair rig and corn but in talking to him he said that was his only catch for the past couple of weeks there around midnight it got really quiet and we heard couple of big splashes next to the small island there but no bites on the corn - they must not liked my method mix lol
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