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  1. Franky, Nice job, glad to see you caught some fish. I'm guessing you missed out on TTL?
  2. I was able to sneak away for couple hours on xmas eve and catch a couple fish. And while I was fishing, a train with 150+ cars went by, directly over my swim mind you, and I had a great take and run. I set into the fish and, unfortunately, it came off about 10 seconds later. It took about 2 minutes for the train to go by, and the run happened about 1 minute into the train going by. So my topic tag, "Are fish affected by noise?" What do you think? My belief prior to this incident was that fish would only be affected by noises that are unusual for them. Since these fish have lived with the
  3. Had a great session at TTL today. Four hours of fishing and 10 carp landed. One of my best sessions ever. Two largest were between 18 and 20 lbs. I misplaced my scale, so no exact weights. It got so crazy, I had three sets of doubles and couldn't even get one out of the net to photograph it! The common is my first common from the lake. They appear to be rare in this particular body of water.
  4. Not sure about the "ghost" part, what defines that? There are many similar fish in the lake, so all of us just refered to them as ligher colored than the standard mirrors.
  5. I was able to get out to TTL a couple more times:
  6. SoCal, If you get out this way next year, give me a shout and we'll find some carp. If not TTL, then we can hit some other urban spots.
  7. ForkHorn, When they say "diverted", they mean that the water is going to pumped out of the lake into the SRP (local power generating station) canal system over a series of weeks. They made a deal where the city gets money from SRP for the water. I believe the remaining 1/3 will be lost down stream during deconstruction of the old dam.
  8. Sorry Franky, there will be no sight fishing. The way the lake is constructed, you wouldn't be able to reach the lowered water from the concrete shore, and if you climb down the concrete, the City considers that unsafe, so to enforce it, they charge you with trespassing.
  9. It is possible that some water will remain in the lake, however, I base my opinion on what happened a few years ago when the inflatable dam burst and all the water washed downstream. The inflatable sections act like gates or doors and extend the full height of the dam. So when they broke, all the water was lost. There were several hundred fish left dead and a group of volunteers cleaned them up to donate to a local zoo alligator who was well fed for several months. The City will be removing the inflatable portions of the old dam. I can't see how they will be able to accomplish that and ret
  10. For any AZ anglers out there, the good news is that TTL has some great mirrors. The bad news: The lake is being drained in February to replace the dam and the fish will not be saved. Myself and a couple other angler had some great fish last weekend. As predicted, all those little mirrors grew into big mirrors...
  11. Brian, I just purchased the sonik net you mentioned, in the two piece handle configuration, and I'm happy with it. My first "carp" net and it works as advertised. So far only two fish, but the process was far easier than the smaller fixed hoop net I started with.
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