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  1. I'm just curious on everyone's thoughts on moon cycles for carp. I never payed much attention to it before on carp until after my most recent carp trip. I had 15 runs (four lost) so it was a really good trip. Only there was a few hours of absolutely nothing. The day I got back from the lake I just checked it out and every single run fell into the "best times" laid out by the chart. I wish I had payed attention to the time of each catch because the times almost lined out perfectly from what I could remember. Just curious what everybody else thinks.
  2. I always use watercraft while fishing and am always trying to improve on it. While I enjoy to relax on the bank I don't go for that, I go to catch fish I'm not big into saying "Well, we'll catch em if we get lucky." What pellets would you suggest? In all honesty, I've never used them or really looked into them. Why would you recommend them over say corn?
  3. The lake is about 140 acres with a pretty decent population. The smallest fish I've seen caught was 8 lbs and the largest I've caught was around 11. I'm quoting a small sample size, FYI. I've also seen very large grass carp and have heard from the actual biologist that samples game fish of a good population of 20 lbs+ grassers lives in the lake. I'm planning on prebaiting with sweet corn or field corn and using flavored corn as hook baits and in PVA. My idea was to bait the spot somewhat heavy, spread out maybe 4 times that day. The next day I would get spread enough out there to grab the atte
  4. I second this. Genes aren't completely out of the question if the founding stock carried the gene and were isolated, but it's much more likely that the case is what FiSherwood described. Very common in ponds.
  5. I have a small pond I fish that's maybe half an acre big. The largest I've caught was maybe 5 pounds but 99% of them are less than 2 pounds. I even caught one about 7 inches the other day. It's mouth was just barely big enough to fit a kernel of sweet corn and the point of a #8 hook. It took maybe 4 inches of line and figured I had one drop the hook, so I drug it in. Turns out I did have one! Guess that 3 ounce sinker was a little much for the little guy lol
  6. I have a three day weekend coming up in June and am going to my favorite lake. Since it's not very often I get a couple days to fish, I would really like to put a whooping on them. The idea bouncing around in my head is that I would heavily bait one area and leaving it alone the first day and go about fishing another spot. The next day, I want to hit the prebaited spot hard. Should I bait heavily while fishing or less than the day before but more often with hopes that they'll find my line faster? Or do you got a good idea you've had success with that might help me out?
  7. Believe me, I will! I'll always remember to, because it was me and maybe 5 friends out there and we were placing bets on the first fish caught. Well, I was the only one to catch any!
  8. I finally got out to my favorite lake to do some fishing. We went a while before I was hooked up. First one took me under a log and broke a knot. After a quick leader replacement and 20 minutes, I was hooked up and landed my PB, a nice little 8 pounder. After that, I had a drop back that didn't get hooked properly and that was it until we switched spots. After 30 mintues at the new spot, I was hooked up. A real long 10 pounder! A new PB and one of double digit carp I've been shooting for. I got the fish in, threw some more anise corn, and then my rig. The second the rig hit bottom, I started r
  9. I tried both, the iPhone version is the one that safari won't download (I've tried it a couple times over the last few weeks with no luck) and of course the flash player is a no go. I'll be waiting patiently until it's fixed
  10. I'm having problems viewing this on my iPhone (my only option). Anybody have an idea to correct this? Just says safari cannot download. Plus it require flash to view the PC version.
  11. I was waiting for a run once and had Gatorade with me on the bank. Just drained the liquid from the sweet corn and but Gatorade in it. Worked great.
  12. To clarify, I use the float right against my rod tip or next to the bail, it doesn't go in the water. The ones I use are so small, a split shot will actually sink them. I don't jam the peg in very hard, just enough to hold and to pop off when I'm fighting a fish.
  13. What works for me is probably as simple as it gets and what I started on. Number 6 bait holder gamakatsu hook (hooks being super sharp is very important) on a 4 inch leader to a pinned 1-2 ounce sinker (bolt rig) with the hook being loaded with sweet corn so you can only see the hook point. Since I'm on a tight budget, I use these on light gear bought from Walmart, so I laid the pole down and kept the bail open and waited for a run. And if you don't have an alarm like me and want to walk away, I use a itty bitty float that has a peg in the middle. I attach it somewhere on my line and check to
  14. At the place I fish, I really only have access to the south side and a little of the west. The water comes in from the east (the "creek") and is warm. During the summer, I wouldn't even bother going if the wind was coming from any direction other than the north or northeast. Now, I don't want to because it's a cold wind lol. My biggest question was being ectothermic animals, wouldn't they feed more in warm water compares to cold, even if it is just the day or two? And the creek is warm, so wouldn't they gravitate to that area in the winter?
  15. At this time of year, what do you feel is more important, wind direction or water temperature when picking out a spot to fish? I have a slightly unique situation to the pond I fish, since it has warm water pumping into it year round, to the point where other lakes are frozen over a few inches and this pond doesn't completely freeze. I found in the warmer months, wind direction played a major role in fishing. The difference of nothing and 10+ fish. We have a warm day today that is following some very cold (0-20 degrees) days. The wind isn't in my favor but I'm thinking temps are going be more
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