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  1. I am still working on getting the 2nd Delkim  repaired, If you want just the Tx 2000's and receiver...$175.00 shipped.

  2. Thanks Craig, glad that I came across this website. I been running carp fever for past few days and as soon as tomorrow I'm gonna hit the water lol. I haven't managed to check this website entirely yet, but looking forward. Hope I can manage to become active quite involved. Also hope to learn from some more experienced fellows fisherman, and also share some tips that I have learned. Thanks again for the warm welcome and info.
  3. Thanks guys i appreciate the warm welcome .
  4. Hello everybody, Sveta here, you can call me Joe lol, from Columbus. I'm not new to fishing but new to USA waters, or should I say OHIO waters. Come from former Yugoslavia. Back home been fishing for carp and pike mostly. Nothing too fancy I like to keep it simple, you know how they say "...on a good day one can catch more fish with one rod and simple gear than with 10 Cadillac rods..." Lol. But I suppose it comes down to personal preference and of course within the guidelines. I was wondering would anyone be so kind to point me in right direction as where to go and fish for carp. I am not fa
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