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  1. I am still working on getting the 2nd Delkim  repaired, If you want just the Tx 2000's and receiver...$175.00 shipped.

  2. Hi Tony Ed Wagner here The reels if you can do $150 shipped I would use them for spares I know you take care of your equipment How's' things been do you still carp fish a bit back in the days we all were out every weekend and sometimes during the week after work Those were the Nigel days lol I can Pay Pal you the monies ED

    1. Antony Bright

      Antony Bright

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you but I just found the PM on my phone and then couldn't respond!

      I'll do the $150 for the pair shipped. PayPal a gift if you don't mind to ambright@optonline.net.

      I can send them Monday.

      Just getting back into fishing as my kids are going to college and now I have more time to myself. I wanted to come up to Bulls creek with you earlier in the year but couldn't make it. It would be great to fish with you again some time. Till then be well.


  3. What are you thinking on the 4500's. I am assuming they are 4500B's?  Do you have some pictures?

  4. Interested in all the Banana, nut, tuti fruti, cream and pineapple .baits, liquids and flavors. (sorry not interested in the pepper or liver)What do you have and how much to S&h to 06903 Connecticut please?


    1. parksy


      Hi, Not sure why but i never got the pm. I only saw this when i clicked on your profile. I will get you a quote in the next few days as im in the middle of a huge grad school paper. Craig

  5. Do you still have the Century's for sale?

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