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  1. You should try flipping the grass mats on the incoming and outgoing tides for bass. Love to give that a go but a bit far away.
  2. I would not spend a whole lot of money on back leads. You can use Water Gremlin Snap-Loc Dipsey sinkers and they work just fine at a fraction of the cost. http://www.watergremlin.com/my-tacklebox/snap-loc-dipsey-swivel/ Google them and you'll find plenty of sources. 50 lb. Power Pro in red for mainline with no issues. If boats going by then snap on a dipsey, let it sink, and reel up the slack, I use mainly 2 - 3oz method leads but there are times when current gets stiff I wish I had some 5 oz. Good luck!
  3. Just re-visiting this topic. After more than a season of use I love the N-Trap Semi Stiff. Now I want to get some 25 lb for snaggier spots. Kryston Snake Bite and Nash Combi-Link at BCT caught my eye. Atomic Jellywire too. Hard to find in the states it seems. All kind of pricey too. Probably not something you want to get cheap on though.
  4. Sometimes the mix comes off no matter what you do. If you mix it right and pack it on the lead tightly, you should be fine.
  5. Somewhat of a newbie myself but if you are only getting 20-25 yds something is wrong. I can cast 3/8 oz bass lures farther than that with similar gear and baitcasting reels. Longer rods usually do equal longer casts. I didn't want to go all in when getting started so I purchased Ugly Stick salmon rods, 9' MH. I have Okuma baitrunners and what I did was spool on 100 yds of braid then tied that to backing and filled the reel. I then reeled this onto one of the other reels so the braid is now on top. My reasoning is when changing line, I know 100 yds will fill the reel perfectly and buy line accordingly. Back to the casting. With this setup I have cast into the backing several times when really loading up and firing getting distance of 100 yds. plus. I have seen no need to change setups as where I fish I have not found a need to cast over that far and 90% of where I'm casting to is far less so I can't speak to the need for 12' rods. Food for thought. The 9' rods break down smaller and cost $80.00 each. A reel with a deep large diameter spool will get you more distance also.
  6. I have 3 Shakespeare Ugly Stick Elite Salmon rods. 8'6" M.H. but you can get them in 9' heavy or extra heavy. Bonus is you can go to a Bass Pro Shop and actually feel them before buying. No issues throwing 3-4 oz. weights or fighting and landing big fish. $69.99 each. Also have Okuma Baitrunner reels. Get the largest diameter spool reel that feels comfortable on the rod you choose and also long stroke spool. IMO this is what will get you casting distance if you need it. Also try to get carbontex drag washers. Last thing you want if you have a big one on the line and he takes off is your drag failing. I use 30 lb braid mainline and can launch a 3 oz rig pretty far. Each set-up cost me a tad over $120.00 each. (got the reels on sale). In the end, buy what you are comfortable with at what you think is a fair price.
  7. Looking to get a catapult to be used with corn, particles, and possibly boilies and method balls. Don't necessarily need it to shoot 100 yards. I've seen a couple guys use the Fox Power Guard and they seem to work pretty good. High end of price range. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. Speaking as a bass guy also, I use scent on all my baits. 1) it gives me confidence and that makes you concentrate more. 2) I have seen first hand a fish carrying a bait around in its mouth after picking it up for a good 2-3 minutes. I chased it with the trolling motor and even tried to slowly pull the bait away. Finally set the hook and reeled her in and released her. In my many years of bas experience, scents do make a difference. In my limited time of carp fishing, I usually go with one or two buddies and we each try something a little different. Usually on a given day a certain flavor will raise its head and get more bites. I'm talking both hookbaits and pack. Thats when its time to switch up. Sometimes it is the spot also. Ten yards can make a big difference. You can be casting to a pice of cover that will hold fish baited or not, or a plain flat, maybe mud and you will need to bring the fish to you. Todd, I was the poster you mention. I am new and was just trying to get a concensus of a few popular hookbait flavors to start out with so I wouldn't buy all the latest and greatest must have baits. You experienced guys have been such a great help to me I can't thank you all enough. 2 guys in particular. You know who you are. I have narrowed my baits to 4 flavors and have only been skunked once. Lost one on a snag that day then the boats started coming up and down the river and all went dead. I've been out almost every week since before Thanksgiving last year. Use three rods with something different on each. If I get more than 1 on a particular bait, I change all rods to that bait. Pressured fish can be finicky. Stupid fish will probably bite anything. I've found that to be true for bass and seems like it's true for carp as well.
  9. chicarp


    Good question. Natural sweetcorn is a flavor. O.K. Here is a question for all. If you had to pick a hookbait for each season, Spring: Summer: Fall: Winter: What would it be and what flavor. Ex. Spring: 20mm Peach pop-up. (For the big girls). Guess I'm a chubby chaser ? Just kidding. Let's hear everyone's favorite for each season. I just stared seriously fishing before Thanksgiving last year and have done eally well on 16mm 4 Seasons pop-ups. Can't comment on Spring (yet).
  10. chicarp


    Are these flavorings for making your own baits? Are they dips or glugs? Or can you put a little on a pop up and it will still float?
  11. chicarp


    Possum- If you don't mind my asking what is R&W and VBN? Bait companies? Where do you get them from? Thanks in advance.
  12. chicarp


    Thanks Brian. I've heard Pineapple is the best in spring and Peach good year round. Guess it's like anything else. Use what you have confidence in and don't get over complicated. Just got some Pineapple. Need to get some Peach.
  13. chicarp


    Thanks. This has bee an awesome 4 months for me. Met several great people and caught quite a few nice fish. And all in "winter". Can't wait for spring.
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