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  1. There are some very nice rods in those pictures . I didn't see any specific carp rods in those builds but I didn't look through them all. What would a 12 ft custom carp rod with Fuji guess and cork grips run with a custom blue color scheme approximately?
  2. I have had good luck with all the purchases I have made from Carp Kit.
  3. Posted some info on the Maumee for you. Also noticed your into fountain pens which I though was a combo of interests exclusive to me.


    I have a couple 51s, vintage vanishing point, and a few other vintage nibs in indian ebonite bodies.


    good luck

  4. I purchased the Sonik 6000 reels on a promotional sale last year and have used them for 1 full season at this point. I thought I'd post my impressions of them after catching 140 carp on them this season. I agree that the sales information posted on Carp Kit is accurate. Here it is again in case you need it: A superb new bait-runner style reel, with a super smooth trouble free operation and sleek black cosmetics. Supplied with two spools, they feature S-curve Oscillation for even line lay, instant anti-reverse, front and rear drag, balances twin handles, thick Aluminum black bail arm, Titanium coated anti-twist line roller and a 4.6:1 gear ratio, which recovers a full 87cm/34 inch of line per turn of the handle. 5+1 Stainless Ball Bearings High Strength Composite Body/Rotor Instant Anti-Reverse S-Curve Oscillation for even line lay Line Recovery Per Turn of Handle - 34inch/87cm Balanced Rotor Balanced Twin Handle Titanium coated Anti-Twist Line Roller Thick Aluminum black bail arm wire Free spool feature Sensitive sealed drag Gear ratio 4.6:1 Supplied with 2 graphite spools, capacity of mm/m 0.30-460 0.35-340 0.40-260/lbs/yds 15-375 18-340 22-225. Reel Weight - 460g These are sturdy reels. They look good and they produce as advertised. I have snagged hooks with them occasionally and jerked, yanked and ripped to free the snag and the reel did not falter. I even tightened down the drag once reeled until my hook bent with no obvious ill effects, although I don't recommend you do what I did. I like the black finish on the reels and it has worn well with minimal scratches. The only reason there are any scratches at all is because occasionally I got a little excited and dropped the reels when unhooking fish. I'd buy them again if I needed new reels. I think they are a good intermediate reel for people who are getting serious about catching lots of carp on a regular basis.
  5. I agree with Mario. If the letter is something that members could simply print via PDF, fill out a name and address, and then sign; the participation rate will be much higher. At the very minimum, posting an example letter that could be copy and pasted into a Word document and mailed would also work pretty well.
  6. Thanks for clarifying. I'll be signing up after I finish eating my bowl of popcorn and watching the Kansas City Chiefs' game.
  7. I want to join CAG, but I have a question for clarification. If I join today, does my 12 month membership span to next November or does it only span to December 31st? I looked for this answer a few times on the membership page, but I'm still not 100% sure what the answer is. True, it's only a few dollars and I've gained enough knowledge and friendship from this group already to offset any expense incurred. I'm sure my primary carp fishing photographer is going to ask that question when she see's the expense on the bank statement so I want to have an answer ready.
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