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  1. Never !!!! Next year will be my first full season of fishing over here! there's going to be lots of planning and effort thrown into it. very excited !!!!
  2. If the lake doesn't hold that many carp it may be case of searching out the carp before you decide which swim to fish. Pre baiting would definitely help draw the fish in, and give them an area where they know will be food. Good luck.
  3. Loads of fun! There was plenty of action had by all. I look forward to getting on the bank with you guys again asap ! This is one of the fish caught
  4. Awesome! You guys know your stuff !
  5. Thanks again Brian. I actually took a walk along a section of it today, in the search for carp. I did spot a few!
  6. Hi dan, welcome. I'm in the same boat as you. I've recently moved over from the uk too. I live in grand rapids, on the Westside. If I find anywhere inbetween here and you I'll let you know. Matt
  7. Hi. I'd definitely be interested in doing the Saturday if this event is still happening. Would be good to meet some like minded carpers .
  8. Hi everyone. I fairly recently moved over from the uk, and was suprised at how much a lot of people hate carp! Back in the uk they are a prized fish, some people spend years trying to catch one particular fish. And most people I've spoken to over here just say that they are a garbage fish !!! So when I stumbled across this group it was like a breath of fresh air. I've spent a lot of time researching places to fish, and tried a few places, but seems alot of the lakes are surrounded by houses or have very limited bank space. Is there anywhere around the grand rapids area (or 45 mins to an hour away ) that hold good sized carp that isn't so restricted? Thanks in advance, and hope to meet some of you on the bank some time.
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