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  1. May17-19 2019 The WMCA are hosting a new event to the Mid-West carp scene. We are hosting a social/Fish-in style event here in Michigan at an amazing campground. The event will be in a camp ground with all modern facilities as well as camp sites or cabins for rent. We hope you can make it and have a good time. The event will be held at Brower Park in Stanwood Michigan. Here is a link to the camp ground: https://www.mecostacountyparks.com/brower-park.html If you plan to attend I would reserve a spot ASAP. Please p
  2. Pike, I will be working out the details on some events in W Michigan next spring summer and Fall.
  3. Dave Ash

    Where is everyone?

    Granpi, Andy and I are still around, we have a pretty good group now In west Michigan. we should get together soon and fish!
  4. Welcome to Michigan bud, imo it’s one of the best states in the USA for Carp fishing!
  5. Paul, Do you have a list of events on that side of the state? I know the WSCC is 5-20 and 5-21. The west side carp anglers get together every Sunday as a club to fish.
  6. The hair rig.... and the Blowback rig
  7. Dave Ash

    New guy

    Welcome to the best carping state in the USA. You are dead center between two great groups of carp anglers, one on each side of the state. If you do the FB thing add me Dave Ash, please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.
  8. Daniel is drunk, dont mind him, he does not fish anymore anyway.
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