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  1. I’m in for rookie of the year lol first event
  2. Bought some scented some like corn going to attempt it this weekend. It's it as effective as the thing. Any suggestions, likes or dislikes?
  3. I'm sorry left about 10-11oclock. Corn with oatmeal, strawberry kool aid, vanilla and sweet corn mix as a pack bait
  4. It was yesterday. If not straight out to the right about 60-80yds. I can't make it Saturday I get to work. I was hoping for Sunday.
  5. Fishing has been great as it's cooled of I have had some really good days(20fish) and some so so days. Got my pb a 33 pounder on Buffalo
  6. Was out today and nailed them 10 fish one over 17.i am new to both the site and carping.i was brought to carping by two guys that i meet fishing on Buffalo.
  7. I am also new. A couple guys I met about a month and a half ago got me into carp. The one guy broke a nice rid on a smaller carp. I am hooked was out on Buffalo on the pier got 10 with one at 17lbs trying to find those two guys. If you know who you are, show yourself please and thanks
  8. Annie a month and a half ago to guys were carping or in Buffalo MN they got me into it.i want to thank them
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