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  1. I haven't yet come up with a name for mine
  2. Big Carp in the Etowah river system running on the inside bends (soft flowing side) backwash pools and just above the shoals. The river has been moving hard and fast as of late but the fish are there. I've been seeing some good 30plus above the shoals where the water slows down on the opposite side of the channel to middle areas. Anything with salmon flavours or chicken liver flavours work well. I've seen crawfish and muscles working well too. If you're into hunting your bait before getting out there. Mashed up night crawlers in a pack bait has been a river plus. These guys and gals are feeding and feeding well with all the rain pushing snails, muscles and works down river along with many other foods and delights.
  3. Thank you Cannonball, I would absolutely be happy to join you on some bank time one day. If it's okay with you I'd like to take my dad along with one day he and I haven't ever fished in TN. My father also hasn't caught buffs or carp, that's going out and trying to catch one of course. I'm trying to turn him onto carp fishing so I have my all time favorite fishing partner for 20 some odd years to go with. That being said we'll keep in touch and see what we can get set up one day. What time of the year is decent for catching Big Buffs?
  4. Back to back topics. Anyone know of any special techniques to go after the buffalo fish? I have heard that a soy based pack bait is fair choice for these guys. By chance last year I caught what I believe was a buffalo that to me looks like a Pokemon smh (gotta catch em all) lol. Well I love catch and release nowadays being that I'm not really a fan of, for lack of better terms, killing ANYTHING. I do however like to bring proteins to my table to provide food for my family and friends. I've been turned onto the idea that buffalo fish have a great taste. If anyone does not mind my motive would anyone be willing to step me into the proper direction?
  5. Well lady's and gentleman. Going on year two of carping. I have found many locations to fish that I can ride a bike into near my apartment in Cartersville. I am looking for places that might be worth my time to jump into. I am limited however through the weeks I fish maybe once maybe twice for a very short period of time. Lately I've been after meat fish for the freezer and friends. I am however getting prepared for the hotter days of summer time carp fishing which in turn are quite the task to go about to catch. Personally the rivers are my bases for this time of the year being that they do run colder than most lakes. Now that being said and my going everywhere in this topic does anyone know of anywhere that might be a well off or great PFA to apply my mediocre skills?
  6. Very interesting catch to say the least. It may not have been the "fish" you were looking for but I think you have the IGFA Terminal Tackle world record for snails ?. Good luck in your future expeditions fellow carper!
  7. Thank You Accordbw, This is great advice, hands down. How often should I move or change locations? Is it daily, hourly, or if you don't get a bite right away.
  8. I've got friends this morning
  9. TWW hey guys I appreciate you're tip that's very very helpful and you're absolutely welcome too. Lol I am always up for fishing with anyone who's ready to bring the game on! I'm not worried about publicity Lol just getting to fish with someone who's better than me and willing to help with tips and tricks is plus in my book!! Wish me luck on today's adventure and have fun out there guys!
  10. Cannonball well my friend I wish I would have seen this sooner I'm actually on my special lake now with a small fire and wet lines. Been chuming for three days and as I walked up this morning already saw a monster at least 40lbr cruising my swim at my chosen peg. We can definitely get in on some action here before long!
  11. Hey guys thank you much. I've already been following those videos too btw except with catfish & carp. I watched that awesome catch!! Hey if you guys want to come to Georgia maybe I could put you on a lake that holds some 50+ lbs in it actually two that have them within 2 miles of each other. One lake I've already warned the average 8- 10 lbrs so the big boys are not spooked yet. The other my buddy and I are going in this Sunday to blast a bigun with my 2 lb ultra light.
  12. Well, I've read about that but also have read a lot about the carp moving into deeper waters as well sometimes finding snags and blowdowns in the deeper parts of the margins to hang out and hold for the winter. I am aware that now time is actually the fattening up time so, to me I'm trying to find out what are they particular upon as they are on this feeding binge.
  13. I'm aware of this time of year being very wonderful for big carp. I'm moving out of the river scene into the lake scene and am looking and wondering where the key spots are in which I should be focusing upon this time of the year. I ask this as I am out here on lake Allatoona now at one area I know holds big girls in it. Just don't know what I'm looking for. Any hints, tips or spills would be wonderful!!
  14. Hello, I'm new to this as well but I remember reading something similar just yesterday. What I understand there still there but you'll want to fish the shallower waters look for tributaries and such deep pools could work in the hotter part of the day but be sure to give freebies to entice the carps feeding and create a feeding habit. As well as if you can go toward the mouths of these rivers around the flats, again looking for shallower waters, carp are more likely to feed in shallower waters because of the warmer water as well as sunlight penetrates the shallower waters better warming the fish up. Also use brighter presentations as the carp actually have a harder time seeing in colder waters! Pop ups work well. Also this is the time of the year they are lookin for proteins and fat building foods for the winter so give them what they want and what will drive their stomachs crazy! Soy sauce, hemp produce, coconut oil, corn (duh), almond flower, worsch sauce small details. Fruity flavors can still work just not as well this time a year as the fruits are not dropping in the waters. Good luck and hope you catch your pb!
  15. Hello everyone in the North Georgia region, My name is James as you can tell haha. Well I have some information for you that might help A LOT! I'm new to the carp diem experience but not the locations of sweet feeds, millet etc, etc. thanks to a lot of getting around with hunting, health foods buying (thx mom), puttin up with horses, hogs, pretty much a lot I won't divulge anymore into that. I will say this if you're looking for some hemp produce check around in Cartersville, Ga at the herb shops and health food shops. Mine is secret (herb shop behind Lowes) oops Lol. They have much hemp produce. Bag of hemp seed forgot the weight of it but they are shelled yet its good for a method mix or chum mix @ 12.99. Hemp oil 12 oz. for prepared baits 12.99 lasts for quite some time. A little bit goes a long ways! If interested in more talk to me.
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