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  1. Hey Rod I just gotta ask does Kevin Nash send you birthday and christmas cards I'm just jelous, Very nice set up Also what kind of borrow do you use White, Peter built, or Kentworth
  2. Lordy the shipping from overseas must have been outofsight..
  3. my member ship is due to be up Dec of 2011 and I have been turned into guest

  4. Hi my real name is Dale I've been fishing for carp off and on since 1965 ,pay lakes and rivers early. I learned from an older man from one of the southern states, his kids didn't like to go and my folks worked all the time. I have also eaten them , his wife was a wonderfull cook. Still remember carp on Sat nights. I usually am a little quiet on the bankside till I get to know you then its no holds barred. I love river fishing. But mostly like the social part of fishing. My daughter is also a carp fisher. See you on the bank sometime. Oh yea! I'm like most indy carpers we think we know mo
  5. Bleach will also dry out and kill Ivy, both on you and the plant itself. Have been useing it for many years. This time of year Ivy is kind of pretty, red leaves and all, some people pick it for flower arangements. Be carefull out there.
  6. This one hasn't been around for a while. I fish with my handles on the Left side holding rods with right hand. Is this right or wrong? Also for those without opinion, and for those that fish with open face, can the handles on open faced reels be changed from side to side
  7. I had a very nice session here in Indy over the weekend. The problem or lack of, is I am useing the KD style rig ,and the hook up rate was about 99% the problem is that all hook-up were in the upper lip? Does anyone know what the problem is . The rigs were tied with snakeskin with 4inc peal off and total lenth 8inch with an #6 korda curve shank. Don't like hooking in upper lip as this lip seems a lot harder? On unhooking and care of fish. Dal-Carpone
  8. Good work Dogggg And get well soon don't fool around with your lungs
  9. Have a great day. By the way I have put Sound Blaster X-fi in my computer You sound greeeeaaaatt My wife like it also she doesn't belive you are a carper Very good !! Dal- Carpone
  10. Joey Get with me at the swap meet. I can get you carpworld or carpology at good prices. There is a draw back for a good price you will be about one month and 10 days behind monthly Dal- Carpone Ps if you want them on time IE first of month you will pay a lot over for airmail post .
  11. Please ! The only type of bottom, I think I know about is muck (or silt). Helicopter rig (so lead sinks in muck and rig is resting on the surface of the bottom ) Please post with other bottoms what to use and not to use ? Thanks
  12. For good basic stuff everone can use.. BK guide to rigs Bk Guide to carp bait. I got mine through Barnes & Noble
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