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  1. Yeehaw!! Carpin Startin!- at least in the creeks!. Today caught 3 in an hour, the latter two a double! and one of those a very cool ghostie!-haven't caught a ghost from this part of the creek, but its miles long and carp move up and down all the time. Nothing big but that's creeks....the little 6lbr will didn' make the first round here, but he'll grow up. So strong on a 5' ultralight with 8lb test, on a creek -it is poor man's tarpon!!....lakes are heatin up- 41F two days ago and now 44F, so time to hit the lakes this weekend!.....good luck all!!!... MO
  2. So.....we have a good stretch of nice weather, and I had 90 minutes to fish before work and had one take; one fish, a very nice 13lb creeker!!!.....Springs a comin!!! MO
  3. Had a couple hours over lunch today so........................WENT FISHING!!!!!, and, at one of my best places for all kinds of creek carp, caught this fully scaled (nearly so ) mirror. It was a little slow, didn't fight much, but was beautiful in the water and out. Just a nice day!! GO FISHING!!- in 3 months, the days get shorter!! MO
  4. First day off in a long time, first covid vaccine, and first with reasonable temps!- spring is definitely on its way and the pandemic is on the wane!!! Caught these 4 in quick succession-all typical creekers- 6-8 lbs but lots of fun!!! Go fishing-it gives ya peace of mind!!! MO
  5. So...........the last nice day for awhile here- temps in the 50s, so, just had to go creekin it!! Another new hole and very sunny out!. Well within 6 minutes I was surprised by this little channel cat-usually they are buried in the mud, but not this little guy, then followed that by 8 straight carp, including this nice 12lbr. Of the 8 caught, I landed 5- two hook pulls and one broke off in a snag. All in 2 hours! Gonna be a FFF spot if it doesn't freeze or flood!!!.....go fishin!- We only have a couple more weeks before things start freezin up!! MO
  6. In addition to my knees and back creakin, been creekin it in prep for the FFF!.... yesterday went to one of my original creek holes- a bend in the creek that collects all the carp for several hundred yards. First time fishing it this year.... And- its the same hole there are number of carp on the small side- 4-5 lbs like these two, and caught no grassies, though I've only caught a couple here. The largest common was a 13lbr around midnight one night. But, its secluded, close to the house and wildlife abounds- raccoon tracks from a night of fishing themselves, a 4 point buck just above me on
  7. Creek walkin looking for FFF spots today and found another new hole- this one is a straight line hole below a large pool where I've caught carp before but never fished this stretch. Like the majority of the creeks here, there are vertical clay cliffs which terminate in a clay shelf about a foot under water, extending varied widths into the water. These harbor large numbers of carp along the base. If you can cast right along the shelf, youre in business!! Today I used 30g method leads, one with strawberry panko, one with orange panko, and one rod with a simple korda krank hook baited with sweet
  8. So, a couple weeks ago I was reeling in my rods after a couple hour session. My go to big rods and reels are 3 9ft stalker rods outfitted with Daiwa Emcast 3500 BR reels with 12 or 15lb mono line. Well, the third rod handle was slipping while reeling and when I looked, the reel handle cap was cracked and subsequently fell off the screw holding the handle on......arrrghhhhhh- these are my first carp rods and reels and the carp and I beat the daylights out of them!.........The reels are not available anywhere, ANYWHERE!- BCT, Mikes reel repair, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, the guy down the street, the ot
  9. Been expanding my horizons, pushin for 1,000 fish this year.....just caught my first shovelnose sturgeon, bunches of panfish, drum, bass (white, largemouth, hybrid, kentucky), creek carp, grassies, catfish, etc. but gearing up for the Fall Big four!! so glad its on!!!.......hope everyone's safe and covid free!!.... MO
  10. Was a heck of a catch for me. Also have a slow motion tail slap from a grassy in the video.
  11. Hey all!! I've been remiss in posting the last couple months, mostly due to the covid-thing, but also diversifying my fishing a little-boat/bank/day/night/fly/spinning/sets, etc. etc trout, bluegill, largemouth, spotted bass, red ear sunfish, green sunfish, white bass, drum, white and black crappie, golden shiners, channels, flatheads.-just passed the 400 count across species, but here's a compilation of some of my recent carpies in the past month or so- 2-21lbs, pushing 14lb average and have found a spot with no less than 13lbrs, but, just not as often-1-2/night instead of 1-2/hou
  12. If you like the video please hit that like and subscribe button it really goes a long way and its free to do. Thanks for watching.
  13. Actually, it was my first carp ever, but that counts, right? This is a pleasant little pond in an Arvada Colorado City Park, and the weather was outstanding today. I waited til it warmed up in the afternoon. I discovered my pack bait had a bit of mold in it, and wondered if that would affect my results. Then I wondered if I had set the bit alarm correctly. Apparently I had. Just as I reached up to check it, it went off. I was surprised, thinking it couldn't be that sensitive. And it wasn't. there was a fish on. And the carp didn't seem to mind the mold one bit. Reeled him in to
  14. Hi all!! Hope everyone is safe and healthy-goes for families too :)). I thought there would be more fisherman out, but its deserted around here. Any way, been fishin- and yesterday was great!. These two commons within the first hour, then lost 3 straight fish before these two beauties- a 6lb golden ghost and an 8.75lb "whiter" ghost. These fish "glow"/shimer" in the water. This spot has produced 5 additional ghosts, plus a couple mirrors and lots of 6-10lb commons. GO FISHING!- it will give you some solace-now more than ever!... Try as I might, I couldn't cacth Covid though and hop
  15. Nothing spectacular, and most were smallish, but still a lot of fun!.....the first 5 last Sunday and the last 2 yesterday...........trying some new sites tomorrow or Monday!....... MO PS- it's been suggested I use a flash for these, but.........no-one wants to see the same mug over and over....
  16. So, I would like to create the "Ten Truths of Carp Fishing". I originally thought of the ten commandments, but in todays age that is too much religious connotation.......so...with that, here's my thoughts- not in any order though........appreciate feedback and submittals! THE TEN TRUTHS OF CARP FISHING 1. You will not catch a carp if you do not fish 2. No matter where you are fishing, the largest carp are on the other side 3. The carp you lost is always larger than if you landed it 4. The weather is always better the day you don't fish 5. There is always on
  17. Here is an interesting take on rice pack bait appreciate you guys watching and if you wanna be a legend. Im 21 subs away from hitting 1000. Hit that subscribe button please and thank you.
  18. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!! had a couple hours after work this afternoon to go carpin- 60 degrees outside!!.........Landed these three (largest was 10 lbs) and lost another to hook pull......deep creek hole that I had never fished before...........nice self Christmas present!- Christmas carp- subspecies of the everyday carp!!!.....Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!! MO
  19. Hit the creek today, tryin to prep for the FFF, and had these two, a great golden 16-8 and a darker 10-0 and lost another. Very soft bites and slow fight but beautifully fat fish!!..........good fishin all!- go to the creeks- the fish are always there!! MO
  20. This video says it all. Where I live, Carp are underestimated game fish. Anyone that see how quickly they can peel drag would agree! Hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think. Thanks https://youtu.be/6ofbw6n2ZKc
  21. So.....the start of my CAG Fall 2019 started with a blip....fished a local lake where I had caught fish up to 26lbs, but alas, lost one in a snag with the rig- carp 1, MO 0, then hooked a solid 8-10lbr and it ran along the shore into a snag and was gone, carp 2, MO 0, then hooked a little guy, brought to shore but off at the bank; carp 3, MO 0. Hooked a 4th and final smallie and was off halfway to the shore; carp 4, MO 0.....so............went back to the creeks and caught 6 fish, my first CAG fish at 8lb, 13-8, 8-6, and 12-0, and a little 5-6, but of all things, a bighead carp!-wouldn't have
  22. Though it was boiling outside (98F and 105F heat index) I decided to try one of my most consistent creeks, and ugghh- very high and muddy, but, I was here and had an hour, so why not. AND one hit, one fish and wow, wow, wow!- this one shone 10 yards out- a large (10lb) Ghost- almost snow white- called him Casper and let him go-great fighter and just a nice quick set!.........My best ghost by far!!..........
  23. 2019 CAG Membership Drive & A Special Incentive to Join! For over 25 years the Carp Anglers Group (CAG) has been dedicated to introducing anglers in North America to the excitement of catch & release carp fishing as well as the protection of trophy carp. Strength in Numbers: One of the critical factors toward ensuring the protection of trophy carp (especially from indiscriminate bow fishing and unregulated or illegal movement of fish) is the continued growth of our membership base. Simply put - The more members we have the greater our presence, influence and representation we
  24. So, the IGFA has grand slams for "popular" fish species (Bass, trout, inshore saltwater fish, etc.- three species in a day, 4 species in a day, etc. ). I had some time at a conference I was presenting at in Utah, so I got a guide and we went dry fly fishing, and nymphing. Well, I caught a bucket -list fish my brother and I only dreamed of- Grayling!!!!... We always thought we'd have to go to Alaska for them, but I caught more grayling than any other fish, in creeks no one would think held fish....The day proceeded with rainbow, cutthroat, brook, grayling and the trip ended with a fair number o
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