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PayPal / Membership Auto Payment/Subscription.



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Yes, PayPal use a Subscription system.

If a member sign up and use the Subscription option without changing any settings, each year PayPal will draft the $25 until the Member cancel this on his or her PayPal account.

The PROBLEM comes when people don't READ what the select and agree to, and then wonder why money is taken (drafted) "without permission", but permission was given and confirmed in the email from PayPal to all members. CAG or PayPal can NOT take money from ANYBODY's account without permission.

Seeing that I will pin this post, I'll explain the process when a new member signs up.


Select the membership option in the CAG Forum and Check out using PayPal as your choice of payment.


You arrive on this screen (EVERYBODY ARRIVES ON THIS SCREEN) then log into their PayPal.



Then once you log on to YOUR PayPal account, you get this screen ( AGAIN, EVERYBODY ARRIVES ON THIS SCREEN)


As you can clearly see, all your options are there for you to agree or change your payment options.

Please log onto YOUR PayPal account and cancel the Automatic Subscription created on your PayPal account.

Once logged in go to "My Money" in your PayPal account. Go to "Update my pre-approved payments"

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